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Hotellneset base station, Spitsbergen
Telenor Rørvik
Vikafjellet base station

This page is dedicated to the photo donation by Telenor Group' in occasion of the celebration of the February 28, 2012 Asia Agreement between Telenor Group and Wikimedia Foundation. The donation has been initiated through Wikimedia Norway, and was announced by Telenor's EVP Kristin Skogen Lund at the April 23, 2012 Wikipedia Academy in Oslo, Norway.

Photos range from portraits of Telenor executive leaders, through headquarter images, historic photos, technical installations, and base stations. Some photos will also depict scenes from Telenor events that are of general interest.


All photos donated are lisenced under the CC-BY-SA free lisence, authorized in the following way:

  • New pictures are taken by Telenor employees in service, personally uploaded by the rights-holding originator of each relevant photo.
  • Older pictures adher to the 70 years rule - identified originators must have deceased before 70 years from the present date.

Photos donated[edit]

All photos can be seen here.

Employees taking part in the donation include:

  • Amundsen, Bjørn (site)
  • Bjørtvedt, Erlend (site)
  • Dahl, Peer
  • Lundgård, Halvard

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Some Telenor executives[edit]