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Hotellneset, Svalbard. This photo won global silver medal at Wiki Loves Monuments 2011.
Having fun with a Lavendula leaf, a 20x lens, and a normal iPhone 5 camera.
Tessin Glacier of northwestern Spitsbergen, Svalbard, 2012. My upload number 5.000 to Wikimedia Commons.
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World Financial District of New York City. My upload number 7.500 to Wikimedia Commons.
Lindesnes lighthouse, my upload number 10.000.
Torsby petroglyphs in Tanum, Sweden - my upload number 12.500.
Bogstad farmroad in western Oslo - my upload number 15.000.
Potpec Dam on the Lim River in Serbia - my upload number 17.500.
Riverside center of Budapest - my upload number 20.000.
Serdica excavations in Sofia - my upload number 22.500.
Bergen - my upload number 24.000.
Bangkok Railway Station - my upload number 25.000.


Erlend Bjørtvedt is a Norwegian amateur photographer, living in Oslo, and photographing mainly in Norway and Sweden.

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Photo: Erlend Bjørtvedt (CC-BY-SA)

For many years, I used a Nokia N95 - with minimal results. In 2009, at last I bought a Canon D40 in Minnesota. From late December, 2011, I use a Canon 7D. In my daily work, I'll also use a more handy Canon SX 260 which I won as a prize for WLM 2011. Sometimes, I might grab my wife's Canon 500D.


I have uploaded 27.458 own works to Wikimedia Commons. Some of the photos taken while in service for Telenor, are part of the 2012 Telenor photo donation to Wikimedia Commons.


You can contact me at bjoertvedt [at] yahoo [dot] com.

- My full profile (in Norwegian)
- My short profile (in English)
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