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Generally, the time to make a gallery is when it will have an advantage over a category. Usually that means one or more of the following:

  • It is a major topic, e.g. Art, Countries, Culture, Economics, Environment, History, Nature, People, Places, Politics, Science, Technology, etc.
  • A subset of the pictures really stand out, and there is a reason for a page that will let those be singled out.
  • The pictures (or a subset) need captions to make sense.
  • The pictures deserve to be organized in some manner that doesn't quite merit subcategories.
  • The pictures make more sense in a particular order (e.g. pages of a book in order, or illustrations of a work, in order).
  • A category has so many subcategories that the pictures a typical user would really most expect to see for that category are scattered among a large number of categories.

In general, ask yourself if the gallery can bring something to the material that a category cannot. Seattle and the Orient, William Lyon Mackenzie King visual chronology, Kölner Dom and New York City are good examples.

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