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If there is a single category for this specific coat of arms already (for example: Category:Coats of arms of Amsterdam), put your file in there.
Otherwise, the coat of arms should be put in specific categories:

By bearer type (Category:Coats of arms by bearer type)[edit]

For example, if the holder is a person or a family, see Category:Coats of arms of families by country; if it is a municipality or city, see Category:Coats of arms of municipalities by country. You can also find the specific subcategory within Category:Coats of arms by country.

By heraldic features (Category:Coat of arms elements)[edit]

Please check if you put your file in all required subcategories:

Which heraldic features appear on the coat of arms ? Where can the specific subcategory be found ?
  • The arms may present external ornaments

The Illustrated atlas of French and English heraldic terms may help you to find these subcategories.

By representation type (Category:Coats of arms by representation type)[edit]

If the representation is a SVG image, please look for the specific subcategory within Category:SVG coats of arms.