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Wiki Loves Love

ويكي تهوى الحب, উইকি লাভস লাভ, Wiki Loves Love, Vikio amas amon, Wiki ama o amor, विकी लव्स लव, Вікі любіць любоў, Вики сөюне ярата, Вікі любить любов, Wiki nife ife, ویکی محبوب محبت, 维基-爱情之念, ویکی دوستدار عشق


  1. Rule 1: Authors uploading images should own the copyrights.
  2. Rule 2: Photos must be uploaded within the stipulated time period from 1st February to 28th February. You can enter media that was taken at any time, even historical photographs (as # long as you own the copyright on these photographs), but they must be uploaded during the contest period.
  3. Rule 3: All entries should be under a free copyright license, or release it to the public domain. The preferred license used by the upload wizard is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
  4. Rule 4: All eligible pictures should have an identification. The identification is done by tagging the image with {{Wiki Loves Love 2019}}. This tag is automatically added when using the blue button with special upload link on the main contest page.
  5. Rule 5: The photos that are in any way related to the listed categories are eligible.
  6. Rule 6: Participants must enable e-mail on Wikimedia Commons so they can be contacted should their image be chosen for a prize.

Notes on videos[edit]

Other files, such as audio and video, are welcome. For videos, please submit files in the following formats: .ogg .ogv .webm

Due to complex intellectual property rights issues, Wikimedia Commons can not accept video content that is submitted in any other format. A helpful 'how to' guide on how to convert video media into these formats can be found here on Wikimedia Commons. It is suggested that you upload video content one video at a time.


  • Photographs that are already on Commons (this means re-uploading is not allowed).
  • As the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, all entries must fall within Commons scope. Any that do not will be disqualified and may be deleted without notice.
  • Images with watermarks, timestamps or image credits on the picture itself or any other kind of editing which associates the image with the uploader are not eligible.
  • Pornographic images and videos are not accepted in this contest.

Judging criteria[edit]

The judging will be done by a panel of international Wikipedians, professional photographers and subject specialists, based of thumb rules of photography and as well as the community standards.

  • A good photo has a good story to tell.
  • A good photo removes all unnecessary distractions from the chief element, so that the latter is not out of the focus.
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including its licensing) to the Wikimedia projects.
  • Technical quality – Image parameters such as focus, lighting, saturation, ISO etc. will be taken into consideration.

The jury will judge individual entries based on the following criteria:

  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including its licensing) to the Wikimedia projects.

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