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(Evaluation meeting Utrecht: Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Evaluation)

Welcome to an Etherpad for the Wiki Loves Monuments Skype call on March 27, 2013.
Please write down the points you'd like to discuss during the meeting.

Attending: Lodewijk, Karthik, Monica, Cristian, Romaine, Ciell


Action points[edit]

  • AP Lodewijk will write the blogpost for the website about the new team
  • AP Karthik will contact the new countries and update list of interested countries: Elke or Maarten's countries need to be taken over by one of the new team members.Karthik will also overview the interested countries list and share it accross
  • AP Lodewijk is going to Milan, especially for WLM, but needs input for the talk and presentation. Cristian says it might be interesting to get the participants list, so that you know what the starting level of the attendees at the Chapters Conference is. Lodewijk want to do a workshop and 1 or 2 smaller workshops, to focus on events etc.
  • ✓ Done List moderation
  • press is not relevant yet
  • AP Lodewijk and Karthik grant request is being worked on: will be contacting Asaf soon
  • AP Cristian splitting up the timeline in a critical list ("needs to be done") and a extra's list ("fun to do as well") colour coded even! ;-P
  • Nothing urgent regarding Jury
  • AP Platonides look at the buggs in Bugzilla, which one are critical and need to be resolved asap, or wich ones might need more time to solves
  • AP Platonides Look through the technical issues list, and see if it is 'complete'.
  • AP Romaine: The campaigns and uploadwizard , helping everyone :)) AP Cristian: identify gaps in campaign documentation.
  • AP Cristian and Monica: updating 2012 info Commons: checking the timeline!
  • AP Romaine, Monica and Cristian creating 2 landing pages on Commons with updated info: details and how-to's for organizers, another one for participants with the rules, prizes and - such (WLM2013)
  • AP Lodewijk: talk to Europa Nostra and Unesco: please help him?! Who wants to communicate to the international partners. Reg. Unesco: there's no contact yet, we need to be introduced. We want moral support, their logo on our website, maybe some help with the press release or the jury.
  • AP EVERYONE writing blogposts for (everyone has access, so does everyone will) - post them on the mailinglist if you'd like them to be read through by Lodewijk and he will be posting them on the website.

we are still missing a few countries from last year - all of them should have a blogpost.

Task management[edit]

  • What system
    • Monica set up a Project Pier system for WLM in 2013. Some people logged in, looked around: Romaine didn't have the time to look at it, Platonides and Tomazs are not present at this meeting. Otherwise, everyone where supportive.
    • AP Monica: will get back to us with more information through the mailinglist (i.e. what if the server is down etc.) trying to decide next week about this.
  • Who's the whipper
    • AP Monica!! :-D


  • How to get to a complete and up to date timeline.
    • see above (AP Cristian)


  • What do we still need to document, and who's going to do it.
    • see above (AP Romaine/Monica/Cristian)


  • What needs to be done
  • Who's gonna help
    • (Not discussed, Platonides isn't here)
  • Points to be dicussed in Milan meeting
    • Lodewijk, Karthik (and Cristian?) do meet in Milan, will prepare the workshops,

see also above


  • WLM Survey: reply to Beat Estermann:
    • AP Karthik is going to discuss the future of the survey in more detail with Beat in Milan
  • Grant stuff
    • Cristian has a board meeting tomorrow: in a few days he'll get back to us about this.
    • AP Karthik, Lodewijk and Sandra (WMNL Executive Director) will have a call with Asaf to discuss this.

The proposal needs to be worked on, but the work depends on the type of funding we choose. The legal situation for a consortium is different from just one Chapter going through the Grant process. Trying to make a disiccion on this in the next week/two weeks. AP ?? In the meantime the document can be transferred to the wiki, first Commons, when it's defenite, then it'll be moved to Meta.

  • Next meeting: roughly 1-3 weeks from now.
    • AP Cristian will set up the doodle. (Karthik latest 17 UTC, Monica from 14 UTC beginning time)