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Step 1. Create your account or log in.
Step 2. Find your local sites @ Monuments in India
Step 3. Take photos!
Step 4. Look up the Identifier number from the list. (Make sure that you add the right ASI monument number to be part of the contest. Uploads without ASI monument number mention will not be considered for the contest.)
Step 5. Upload your photos to the contest. Please only upload photos of which you are the photographer. Do not upload images from other websites. Copyright violations will be deleted immediately..All photos must be licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Upload your photos in September
Thanks for joining the world's largest photo contest.


  1. Images of Monuments of India uploaded in September 2017 are only eligible for the competition. Pictures don't have to be taken in September, but must be uploaded that month to be considered.
  2. Also upload the highest resolution from your camera, do not add a frame, and do not add any watermark. They will be disqualified, as it makes the image unsuitable for use.
  3. You can upload multiple photos.

WLM worldwide winners from India[edit]


Khandoba Temple, Maharashtra, clicked by Prashant Kharote won the first prize in Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 worldwide.

Gold medal icon.svg Temple dedicated to Khanderaya, also known as Khandoba, located in Jejuri, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Author: Prashant Kharote.
Jury Comments "“The very dynamic shot pulls the viewer in and embeds him in the crowd of devotees. You can almost smell the Tumeric."

Monumentenschildje blauw wit.svg

This is a photo of ASI monument number


Safdarjung's Tomb, New Delhi, clicked by Pranav Singh won the first prize in Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 worldwide.BBC coverage
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Gold medal icon.svg Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi
Author: Pranav Singh.
Jury Comments "The strong light contrast between the lighted tomb and the darkness of the room emphasizes the monument, and gives it a dramatic component. The tomb is sharp and detailed, and free of visual distractions; with gravity and a perfect sense for the angle of view and light this picture presents the object – the architecture and light forming a stage for the tomb, focusing on the details of the stone carving. All in all a nicely framed and executed picture that seems to speak of the significance of this tomb."

Monumentenschildje blauw wit.svg

This is a photo of ASI monument number
Kreis6.svg A rear view of Taj Mahal.
Jury Comments "The Taj Mahal is probably one of the most photographed monuments in the world and definitely in this competition. This particular image gives an impressive view of the silhouette, showing also the adjoining buildings. The complex seems to wake up,out of the mist. It gives context and mystery at the same time showing just a bit more than on most pictures"

Monumentenschildje blauw wit.svg

This is a photo of ASI monument number

WLM India 2017 Winners[edit]

Past Winners[edit]