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Wikimédia Magyarország

Petőfi Sándor
Török Ferenc
Population of Hungary
Rubiks cube
The Hungarian coat of arms reproduced in vector graphics

This list contains suggestions on topics, places, events and people whose picture we would like to get submitted in our first Picture Competition. Please feel free to submit pictures of anything that you feel has a Hungarian aspect, this list below are just for suggestions.


You can probably find statutes, memorial plaques or streets commemorating some Hungarian warrior, scientist or politician (look especially for Kossuth, Petőfi, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, or people in this category). Your country or city might have a Hungarian community that organizes cultural events that we would really like to see documented on Commons.

Also, if you live in a capital or bigger city you might be able to photograph the buildings of the Hungarian embassies and consulates - especially if they are situated in nice buildings.

By continent[edit]



  • World War I and II war memorials, military cemeteries. Statutes and memorials of war heroes.
  • You might be able to find depictions of Piroska of Hungary, a mosaic depicting her is already present on Commons.


  • The building of Collegium Hungaricum in Wien (Hollandstraße 4)
  • The home of József Mindszenty while he was living in Austria.




  • "manus sancti Ladislai" - The hand of Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary is exhibited in the museum of the Franciscane monastery (Muzej Franjevackog Samostana) in Dubrovnik.

The Czech Republic[edit]



  • You might be able to find depictions of Kinga of Poland, patroness of Poland and Lithuania, the daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary.


  • You might be able to find depictions of Kinga of Poland, patroness of Poland and Lithuania, the daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary.


United Kingdom[edit]


United States[edit]

  • Extremely Hungary festival in New York and Washington D.C.
  • Hungarian Festival every June in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Many settlements, places have names with hungarian origin (e.g. Kossuth more then 20 places: [1], Budapest in Georgia and Missouri: [2], New Buda Township in Iowa, etc.). Maybe there is a plaque, a statue connected to the denomination.
  • Statues of Lajos Kossuth (e.g.: New York; Capitolium, Washington, etc.)
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Memorial of the hungarian revolution 1956



There is a lot of opportunity in creating non-photographic pictures for this competition, by creating illustrations, converting maps, and coats of arms to svg format.