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Quarantene and/or to delete:
Order> 214 radicals
I just made a stroke order/graph review of radicals from 001 to ~150th, that's quite wonderful. Michelet, there are my comments!
100% China
Mix! O.ô, from ?來-order.gif (wrong)

To delete - page or redirect
Project page to manage
  • Link toward good fonts - create
  • Progress pages (Trad, Chinese, Japanese) - improve/create
Expertises & Abilities
  • Swift - HotCat.js.
  •  ? - deletions.
  • Micheletb - animations (advices)
  •  ?, ? - pages' management

Citing authors name?[edit]

The article Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia clearly states that 'You should not cite any particular author or authors'. So I think that this section is wrong:

You only have to state the: [...] authors: Mostly M4RC0 for -bw.png; Muke and Yug for -red.png; Wikic and Micheletb for -order.gif.

It should instead be put as a recommendation or as a petition, not as part of the license terms, incompatible with those of wikipedia.

Useful Resource[edit]