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Depot Town is a commercial area, with some residences above storefronts, in Ypsilanti, Michigan's historic district. Depot Town proper consists of East Cross Street from the Huron River to North River Street, and a small area on the 300-block of North River Street. However, several blocks in the surrounding area are also commonly referred to as part of Depot Town. These areas include Riverside Park, Frog Island Park (both of which are on the Huron River), and River Street extending north and south for several blocks. First established in the late 1830s, most of the buildings standing today were constructed between 1850 and 1880. Over the years, Depot Town has included hotels, an Underground Railroad station, an American Civil War barracks, and a building that has housed a bar and restaurant continuously for more than 150 years, switching to soft drinks during Prohibition. Today the area is dominated by restaurants and stores. Depot Town also hosts several large summer festivals each year, as well as weekly bike nights and cruise nights.


Cross Street[edit]

Cross Street, running east and west, is one of the two primary roads through Depot Town.

Sidetrack block[edit]

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Fantasy Attic block[edit]

A building near the center of Depot Town is occupied primarily (three of five storefronts) by Fantasy Attic, a costume shop.

Southwest end[edit]

Businesses at the southwest end of Depot Town include City Body and Depot Town Coin & Gold.

River Street[edit]

River Street, running north and south, is one of the two primary roads through Depot Town.

Mill Works Building[edit]

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Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum[edit]

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Thompson Block[edit]

(See Category:Thompson Block)

At the northeast corner of Cross and River Streets stands the Thompson Block, a historic building which was used as a barracks during the American Civil War. The Thompson Block suffered a fire on September 23, 2009, and the temporary supports reaching in to adjacent streets, installed shortly after the fire to stabilize the structure, blocked westbound traffic on Cross Street for more than three months and resulted in legal tussles between the city and the property owner.

Off the main roads[edit]


Michigan Central Depot[edit]