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The Feuchtmayer family (also spelled Feuchtmayr, Feichtmair, and Feichtmayr) was a German family of artists belonging to the Baroque de:Wessobrunner Schule / en:Wessobrunner School / fr:École de Wessobrunn. Well-known members were the brothers Franz Joseph, Johann Michael (the Elder), and Michael, furthermore two of their sons and one grandson:

Galleries of works by...[edit]

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Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer[edit]

Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer[edit]

Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer (the Elder)[edit]

Johann Michael Feuchtmayer (the Younger)[edit]

J. M. Feuchtmayer also did work with his brother Franz Xaver that is shown above.

Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer (the Younger)[edit]