Ford Thunderbird

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The Ford Thunderbird is an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Production started in 1954 and has continued intermittently ever since.


First generation: 1955-1957 "Classic Birds"[edit]

Second generation: 1958-1960 "Square Birds"[edit]

Third generation: 1961-1963 "Bullet Birds"[edit]

Fourth generation: 1964-1966 "Flair Birds[edit]

Fifth generation: 1967-1971 "Glamor Birds"[edit]

Sixth generation: 1972-1976 "Big Birds"[edit]

Seventh generation: 1977-1979 "Torino Birds"[edit]

Eighth generation: 1980-1982 "Box Birds"[edit]

Ninth generation: 1983-1988 "Aero Birds"[edit]

Tenth generation: 1989-1997 "Super Birds"[edit]

Eleventh generation: 2002-2005 "Retro Birds"[edit]