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An automobile, commonly known as a car, is a wheeled, self-powered motor vehicle used for transport and a product of the automotive industry but relatively less than a truck/lorry and bus, and mainly transport people, not cargo. There are passenger cars (cars, buses), cargo, special (fire, sanitary, mobile crane, autoclave, refrigerator, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.) and sports (buggies, racing, eg Formula 1 cars, rally cars). Passable cars are divided into road, off-road (including quarry), increased cross-country ability and high cross-country ability. Cars with bodies of a special design, intended for the carriage of certain goods, are called specialized; there are timber carrier, farm truck, cement carrier, gasoline truck, etc.

The car equips an engine, transmission, chassis, bodywork, control system, electrical equipment, service devices. The engine can be gasoline (carburetor internal combustion), diesel, gas (balloon gas), electric, gas turbine. Transmission is a set of devices that transmit the torque from the engine to the driving wheels (caterpillars). Cars are produced in many countries. Most of all in Japan, USA, France, Republic of Korea, Spain, Great Britain, Brazil, Italy. For 100 years of existence, the car has become the most common vehicle. Depending on local public transport quality, They can be faster and far more convenient than using buses, bicycles, or trains (steam-powered, diesel-powered, electric-powered, monorail or light rail). Annually 5 - 59 million various cars are produced in the world; also including 25% of trucks and buses. Most of the oil produced in different countries is processed for gasoline and diesel fuel to meet the needs of road transport.

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