International Phonetic Alphabet

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Name Text Image
Voiceless bilabial p IPA p.PNG
Voiced bilabial b IPA b.PNG
Voiceless alveolar t IPA t.PNG
Voiced alveolar d IPA d.PNG
Voiceless retroflex ʈ IPA t with retroflex hook.PNG
Voiced retroflex ɖ IPA d with tail.PNG
Voiceless palatal c IPA c.PNG
Voiced palatal ɟ IPA dotless j with stroke.PNG
Voiceless velar k IPA k.PNG
Voiced velar ɡ IPA g.PNG
Voiceless uvular q IPA q.PNG
Voiced uvular ɢ IPA capital g.PNG
Voiceless glottal ʔ IPA glottal stop.PNG


Name Text Image
Voiced bilabial m IPA m.PNG
Voiced labiodental ɱ IPA m with hook.PNG
Voiced alveolar n IPA n.PNG
Voiced retroflex ɳ IPA n with retroflex hook.PNG
Voiced palatal ɲ IPA n with left hook.PNG
Voiced velar ŋ IPA eng.PNG
Voiced uvular ɴ IPA capital n.PNG


Name Text Image
Voiced bilabial ʙ IPA capital b.PNG
Voiced alveolar r IPA r.PNG
Voiced uvular ʀ IPA capital r.PNG

Tap or Flap[edit]

Name Text Image
Voiced alveolar ɾ IPA r with fishhook.PNG
Voiced retroflex ɽ IPA r with tail.PNG


Name Text Image
Voiceless bilabial ɸ IPA phi.PNG
Voiced bilabial β IPA beta.PNG
Voiceless labiodental f IPA f.PNG
Voiced labiodental v IPA v.PNG
Voiceless dental θ IPA theta.PNG
Voiced dental ð IPA eth.PNG
Voiceless alveolar s IPA s.PNG
Voiced alveolar z IPA z.PNG
Voiceless postalveolar ʃ IPA esh.PNG
Voiced postalveolar ʒ IPA ezh.PNG
Voiceless retroflex ʂ IPA s with hook.PNG
Voiced retroflex ʐ IPA z with retroflex hook.PNG
Voiceless palatal ç IPA c with cedilla.PNG
Voiced palatal ʝ IPA j with crossed tail.PNG
Voiceless velar x IPA x.PNG
Voiced velar ɣ IPA gamma.PNG
Voiceless uvular χ IPA chi.PNG
Voiced uvular ʁ IPA capital reverted r.PNG
Voiceless pharyngeal ħ IPA h with stroke.PNG
Voiced pharyngeal ʕ IPA pharyngeal voiced fricative.PNG
Voiceless glottal h IPA h.PNG
Voiced glottal ɦ IPA h with hook.PNG
Voiceless dorso-palatal ɧ IPA h with two hooks.png

Lateral Fricative[edit]

Name Text Image
Voiceless alveolar ɬ IPA l with belt.PNG
Voiced alveolar ɮ IPA lezh.PNG


Name Text Image
Voiced labiodental ʋ IPA script v.PNG
Voiced alveolar ɹ IPA turned r.PNG
Voiced retroflex ɻ IPA turned r with hook.PNG
Voiced palatal j IPA j.PNG
Voiced velar ɰ IPA turned m with long leg.PNG

Lateral Approximant[edit]

Name Text Image
Voiced alveolar l IPA l.PNG
Voiced retroflex ɭ IPA l with retroflex hook.PNG
Voiced palatal ʎ IPA turned y.PNG
Voiced velar ʟ IPA capital l.PNG


Name Text Image
Bilabial ʘ IPA bullseye.PNG
Dental ǀ IPA dental click.PNG
(Post)alveolar ǃ IPA retroflex click.PNG
Palatoalveolar ǂ IPA alveolar click.PNG
Alveolar lateral ǁ IPA lateral click.PNG