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Hieronymus Bosch

Jheronimus Bosch (cropped).jpg
Portrait of Hieronymus Bosch. circa 1550.
Description Flemish painter and draughtsman
Date of birth circa 1450
Place of birth 's-Hertogenbosch (?)
Date of death (buried)
Place of death 's-Hertogenbosch

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Ecce Homo[edit]

Gallery: Ecce Homo by Hieronymus Bosch

The Marriage at Cana[edit]

Christ Crowned with Thorns[edit]

Christ Carrying the Cross (1)[edit]

Gallery: Christ Carrying the Cross by Hieronymus Bosch (Vienna)

The Garden of Earthly Delights[edit]

Gallery: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Extracting the stone of madness[edit]

Gallery: Cutting the Stone by Hieronymus Bosch

The Conjurer[edit]

Gallery: The Conjurer by Hieronymus Bosch

Calvary with Donor[edit]

The Adoration of the Magi[edit]

Gallery: The Adoration of the Magi by Hieronymus Bosch

The Nativity[edit]

Christ Carrying the Cross (2)[edit]

Saint Christopher[edit]

Saint Jerome[edit]

Fragments of an altarpiece[edit]

Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos

The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1)[edit]

São Paulo version
Lisbon version
Gallery: The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch (Lisbon)

Fragments of a triptych[edit]

Galleries: The Ship of Fools by Hieronymus Bosch and Death and the Miser by Hieronymus Bosch

The Hermit Saints Triptych[edit]

Triptych of the crucified Martyr[edit]

Visions from the Hereafter[edit]

The Last Judgment (1)[edit]

Gallery: The Last Judgment by Hieronymus Bosch (Vienna)

The Last Judgment (2)[edit]

The Hell and the Flood[edit]

The Hay Wagon[edit]

Gallery: The Haywain Triptych (Prado)

Table of the Mortal Sins[edit]

Gallery: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things

The Temptation of Saint Anthony (2)[edit]

Christ Carrying the Cross (3)[edit]


Single-sided drawings[edit]

Two-sided drawings[edit]

The forest that hears and field that sees
Two monsters
Two monsters, one of which carries an arrow
Two witches
Beehive and witches
Eve being seduced by the serpent
The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Monsters and studies for a Saint Anthony

After Hieronymus Bosch[edit]

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School of Hieronymus Bosch[edit]

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Supporting material[edit]

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