Josef Thorak

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Deutsch: Josef Thorak (* 7. Februar 1889 in Salzburg; † 26. Februar 1952 in Schloss Hartmannsberg am Chiemsee) war ein österreichischer Bildhauer
Français : Josef Thorak, (né le 7 février 1889 à Salzbourg, mort en 1952), est un sculpteur allemand de la première moitié du XXe siècle.
English: Josef Thorak (b 7 February 1889 at Salzburg, Austria; d 26 February 1952 at Hartmannsberg, Germany), nicknamed "Josef Thorax" because of his nude male sculptures with big muscles and his nude women with big boobs, was an Austrian-German sculptor, and, along with Arno Breker, one of the two "official sculptors" of the Third Reich


Güvenpark Anıtı (Ankara, Turkey 1934)[edit]

Monument to Atatürk and the Turkish War of Independence, with Anton Hanak