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This form is for people uploading works as part of the iCommons iHeritage project. To upload work in other circumstances, please use a different form.
Step 1. Uploading the work
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What can you upload?

  • Digital photos
  • Scans of photos (that you own)
  • Audio or video (must be in OGG format - see Commons:Software for tips on converting)
  • Anything that you, and you only, own the copyright to.
  • Change the destination filename to something descriptive. Don't use default filenames!
  • Use the information box on the right
  • Write a clear description for the work you are uploading. Search engines will need keywords to be able to find it later.
Copy this into the summary box
and fill out the details
|Date= (when was the work created?)
|Source= (who took the photo? who scanned it?)
|Author= (who originally created the work?)

[[Category:iCommons iHeritage]]
[[Category:South Africa]]
Step 2. Select a Free Content license for your work.
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When you upload your work to Wikimedia Commons, you are donating it to the world by using a free content license which allow everyone to use, modify, and redistribute your work for any purpose. This donation is non-revocable. Although you retain the copyright to your work, all works submitted to Wikimedia Commons must have at least these freedoms. To learn more about the charitable mission of the Wikimedia Foundation visit the Foundation website.

  • Commons offers multiple licensing options. They differ primarily in their attribution requirements and the existence of additional terms that require works based on your work to be under similar free terms.
  • Choose a license from the drop-down box.
  • It is your responsibility to understand what rights you are keeping for yourself.
    • If you need help understanding licensing terms, please ask at the Commons:Help desk.