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Deutsch: Eine Moz(z)etta ist ein bis zu den Ellenbogen reichender, über dem Chorhemd getragener Schulterkragen für in der Regel höhere Geistliche der katholischen Kirche. Teilweise wird sie mit einer kleinen Kapuze getragen; Bischöfe tragen eine Mozetta ohne Kapuze.
English: The mozzetta is a short elbow-length cape that covers the shoulders and is buttoned over the breast. It is worn as part of choir dress by some of the clergy of the Catholic Church, among them the Pope, cardinals, bishops, abbots, canons and religious superiors.

Mozzetta of Popes[edit]

the pontifical mozetta has a small cape at the back-side

Mozzetta of Cardinals[edit]

Mozzetta of Bishops[edit]

Puprple is mandatory for bishops and archbishops in the RCC.

Mozetta of Abbots and Congregations[edit]

Until vatican II, mitred abbots, abbots-general, and cardinal abbots had the right an privillege of their choir dress in colour of the order. mostly fur was used when in a bassilica abbey like Dendermonde. certain abbeys still keep this old tradition alive.

Mozetta of Canons[edit]

This mozetta has too a little cape in the back-side.