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Alphabetic gallery of species[edit]

Taxonomic gallery of species[edit]

Subgenus Papilio Linnaeus, 1758[edit]

machaon group

Subgenus Princeps Hübner, [1807][edit]

antimachus group

zalmoxis group

nireus group

cynorta group

dardanus group

zenobia group

demodocus group

echerioides group

oribazus group

hesperus group

menestheus group

demolion group

anactus group

aegeus group

polytes group

castor group

fuscus group

helenus group

memnon group

protenor group

bootes group

Unknown group

Subgenus Chilasa Moore, [1881][edit]

agestor group

clytia group

veiovis group

laglaizei group

Subgenus Achillides Hübner, [1819][edit]

paris group

palinurus group

ulysses group

Unknown group

Subgenus Heraclides Hübner, [1819][edit]

anchisiades group

thoas group

torquatus group

Subgenus Pterourus Scopoli, 1777[edit]

troilus group

glaucus group

zagreus group

scamander group

homerus group

Subgenus Sinoprinceps Hancock, 1983[edit]

xuthus group