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IOC Classification: DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisAves • SuperordoNeognathae • OrdoPsittaciformes • FamiliaPsittaculidae • Genus: Psephotus Gould, 1845
 Vernacular names
  • Deutsch: Singsittiche
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Included species (for IOC classification 5.3):
P. haematonotus
Note: 4 species that were placed here in IOC classification 5.2 have been moved to genus Psephotellus as species Psephotellus chrysopterygius, Psephotellus dissimilis, Psephotellus pulcherrimus, Psephotellus varius
Included species (for IOC classification 3.1):
P. chrysopterygius, P. dissimilis, P. haematonotus,P. pulcherrimus, P. varius

Psephotus chrysopterygius (cat.)[edit]

Psephotus dissimilis (cat.)[edit]

Psephotus haematonotus (cat.)[edit]

Psephotus pulcherrimus (cat.)[edit]

Psephotus varius (cat.)[edit]

More than one species[edit]