Sierra Nevada, USA

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Photographs of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, USA. For the mountain range in Spain, see Category:Sierra Nevada (Spain)

Alabama Hills and Mount Whitney[edit]

Further information: Alabama Hills  and Category:Mount Whitney

Owens Valley[edit]

Further information: Category:Owens Valley

Kings Canyon National Park[edit]

Further information: Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park[edit]

Further information: Sequoia National Park

John Muir Wilderness[edit]

Further information: Category:John Muir Wilderness

Mammoth Lakes Area[edit]

Further information: Ansel Adams WildernessMammoth MountainDevils Postpile National MonumentLong Valley (California),  and Category:Mono Lake

West side between Yosemite and Kings Canyon[edit]

Yosemite National Park[edit]

Further information: Yosemite  and Category:Yosemite National Park

North and east of Yosemite[edit]

Lake Tahoe area[edit]

Further information: Lake Tahoe

Flora and fauna[edit]

Further information: Yosemite Animals and Plants


Aerial photographs[edit]