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I see that the title of this page has been changed to reflect the variety of dogs that are displayed in the pictures. The text itself should be edited to eliminate the connotation that these pictures represent Kangal Dogs. Is this possible? The photos included are of generic Coban Kopegi (or shepherd dogs) of Turkey. Kangal Dogs have specific coloring characteristics and breed requirements.

kangal verses Akbash dogs[edit]

I feel that the kangal and akbash dogs should be seperated into seperate pages.. the kangal and akbash are different in appearance.. Wikipedia even has seperate pages for the two types, how come not here.. i think there used to be and it got deleted. it is very cofusing as i was searching for photos of akbash dogs and couldn't find the page because they are actually listed under kangal dogs.... Or at least maybe some of the other names should be added the english names so those searching for Akbash can find what they are looking for...