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Todo: Adding files similar to those that have been deleted[edit]

This list is based on article history and image captions. I did not look through all of the history, but checked out those versions that seemed important — such as the earliest entry and entries preceding those with notices of deletion or removal of content.


It is not always possible to find a suitable screenshot showing the exact version as listed here, so the next best option is by major version number ( vs. 1.5), or lacking that, an image showing the next major version (2.0 or later), but showing the same-language release or Wikipedia.

Since the article page shows specific screenshots, then it would be great to include only the best possible screenshots in accordance with Commons:Screenshots#Software and as specified in Category:Mozilla Firefox and en:Wikipedia:Screenshots; given that this list is about files that were eventually removed for not complying with policy and/or guidelines.

Full or partial descriptions of removed files
  • Phoenix
Firefox 1.0
  • Firefox 1.0.4 showing the Japanese Wikipedia
  • Firefox 1.0.6 Slovak (sk)
Firefox 1.5
  • Firefox showing the Japanese Wikipedia
  • Firefox showing Wikimedia Commons in XFCE in SuSE
Firefox 2.0
  • Firefox 2.0 in Spanish, showing the Spanish Wikipedia
Firefox 3.x
  • Minefield 3.0a7pre (Firefox trunk) running in Windows Vista (which got the file deleted in the first place), showing the Mozilla Firefox article on the English Wikipedia.
  • Firefox 3 beta 5
  • Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3
  • Firefox 3.0
Firefox 4.x
  • Minefield 4 alpha 1 pre-release
  • Firefox in SuSE 10.1 showing the Norwegian Wikipedia (the default Firefox version for SuSE 10.1 is
  • Firefox showing the Swedish Wikipedia
  • Firefox showing the Dutch Wikipedia

^ Assume that a same-language versions of Firefox showing said Wikipedias can also be included.

Other activities

Once a fair number of good screenshots have been added, it would be nice to separate them by major version number for easy identfication.
-Mardus (talk) 07:24, 22 November 2012 (UTC)