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the so called Parti colord nees to be deleted as it dosn't exist in the breed and is a result of a bad breeder who most likely crossed it with a shih tzu, as the one example of a "white" with a pink nose.. it's head is of inproper substance and again i don't belive it's a good example of the breed.

these are images of Miniature Schnauzers. whether you believe in the colors or not. To say they don't exist is stupid, because clearly they do.. Parti-Color miniature schanuzers are recognized by AKC , They can and are registered as purebred Miniture Schnauzers,They just cannot be shown in the conformation ring.. I also saw the edit you made to wikipedia mini schnauzer article stating that the AKC website says parti color mini schnauzers are the result of crossbreading with other breeds. I am not sure that AKC would put that on their website and register these dogs as purebred mini schnauzers. .. The images still have a place in the gallery.. Because the original Miniature Schnauzers were a result of breeding the Standard Schnauzers with Miniature Pinchers, Affenpinsers, Miniature Poodles, and others. A gene pool for colors other than the three recognized colors were created. These colors do turn up in miniature schnauzer breedings although more rare, some breeders do breed for these colors. They are not a result of breeding Mini Schnauzers with shih tzu's as you incorrectly stated. And deleting the white and parti-color schnauzer images from the gallery does not make them not real. Because you don't believe in those colors does not give you merit to delete them from the Schnauzer Gallery of Images Page. Plus most people who purchase these dogs are buying them for pets and not for show and could care less how square the dogs head is.. There are bad examples in all breeds. This is a gallery of images not a article page about which dog is more proper to the breed standard page .. --Ltshears (talk) 23:10, 19 February 2009 (UTC)