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Use this template to add a reference to a taxon on the web site Animal Diversity Web (ADW).
Note: This template can be used in conjunction with {{Taxoconflict}}, {{Taxa}}, {{Genera}}, {{Genera2}}, {{Species}}, {{Species2}} and {{Subspecies}} with parameter "source=ADW" (See here the different values for source)
{{ADW | Colisa_lalia | ''Colisa lalia'' (Hamilton, 1822) }}
{{ADW | Furipteridae }}
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) link: Colisa lalia (Hamilton, 1822)
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) link: Furipteridae
{{ADW | name | displayName | validity }}
  • name
the name of the taxon.
Sample (for Colisa lalia): Colisa_lalia
  • displayName
The display name of the taxon with its author (don't forget italic for genus and species)
Sample (for Colisa lalia): ''Colisa lalia'' (Hamilton, 1822)
  • validity (optional)
If the taxon is considered as unaccepted or synonym by ADW, add nv.
Sample (for ????): nv
Use sample
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