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This documentation is transcluded from Template:CheckSingularLatinRank/doc.

This templates adds Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage if the parameter is not a valid singular latin rank.
Note: To check singular and plural latin ranks, simply call {{CheckSingularLatinRank|{{PluralLatinRank2SingularLatin|...}} }}
This template is used by:
{{CheckSingularLatinRank| genus }}}} would do nothing
{{CheckSingularLatinRank| genera }}}} would add the category (genera is plural, not singular)
{{CheckSingularLatinRank| whatever }}}} would add the category
{{CheckSingularLatinRank| singularLatinRank }}
  • singularLatinRank
the rank (latin, singular, not in english) of the taxons. Accepted values are:
  • cladus, ??? (when rank is unknown by us), (unranked), group, informal group, ⇒ (for fossils)
  • subforma, forma, cultivar, varietas
  • hybrid, nothosubspecies, nothospecies, subspecies, species
  • subseries, series
  • subsectio, sectio, supersectio
  • nothogenus, subgenus, genus
  • infratribus, subtribus, tribus, supertribus
  • subfamilia, familia, superfamilia, suprafamilia
  • microordo, infraordo, parvordo, subordo, ordo, superordo
  • subcohors, cohors, supercohors
  • infraclassis, parvclassis, subclassis, classis, superclassis
  • infraphylum, subphylum, phylum, superphylum, infradivisio, subdivisio, divisio, superdivisio
  • infraregnum, subregnum, regnum, superregnum
  • subdomain, domain, empire
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