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{{ Filefilename 1filename 2filename 3...  }} up to filename 10, with possibly some other display names:
{{ Filefilename 1filename 2filename 3...l1 = displayname 1l2 = displayname 2...l10 = displayname 10 }}
  • {{File|Red.svg}}
File: Red.svg
  • {{File|Red.svg|Solid blue.svg}}
Files: Red.svg and Solid blue.svg
  • {{File|Red.svg|Solid blue.svg|Solid yellow.png}}
  • Etc., up to 10 parameters.
  • {{File|Augsburg Tram 1.svg|Augsburg Tram 2.svg|Augsburg Tram 3.svg|Augsburg Tram 4.svg|l2=№ 2|l3=№ 3|l4=№ 4}}
Other examples


Templates linking contents[edit]

"1-N" means from one to many.

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Sideways category links
  • Template:Cat see also (Edit Discussion links Page history) – (box or inline) "See also Categories" link to 1-N related categories.
    This template may be tracked by file uploading tools, to suggest alternate categories to use, or by people maintaining the contents of categories or visiting them.
  • Template:Cat disambig (Edit Discussion links Page history) – (box or inline) "Not to be confused with categories" link from category with ambiguous names to 1-N unrelated categories.
    This template should be tracked by file uploading tools to suggest unambiguous categories to use for these new files.
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