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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Institution/doc.

Syntax #1: for institutions with pages on Wikidata

{{Institution}} creates an infobox for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) or other institutions to be customized in Institution: namespace pages and used in the |Institution= parameter of {{Artwork}}, {{Photograph}}, {{Art Photo}}, {{Book}} or {{Map}} in File description pages. The purpose of the field is to indicate the physical permanent location for the subject of a photograph. For example, Mona Lisa resides in Louvre so images of Mona Lisa will list Institution:Louvre in the "Institution" field.

This template will categorize into Category:Institution templates.

This template will categorize categories transcluding it and matching "Homecat" field into Category:Institution template home categories.
This template will categorize problematic institution infobox pages into subcategories of Category:Institution template maintenance.

Creation of new Institution templates

When creating a new Institution page use the following box :


{{Institution |wikidata= }}

Template parameters

wikidataWikidata item ID of the institution, like Q1.emptyrequired

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: no namespace specified

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: no user group specified

Syntax #2: for institutions without pages on Wikidata


The template automatically sets the following categories:


 |name        =
 |native name =
 |location    =
 |latitude    =
 |longitude   =
 |established =
 |website     =
 |image       =
 |homecat     =
 |linkback    =
 |wikidata    =
 |option      =

Template parameters

nameName of the institution, museum, gallery or collection, which will be shown in the uncollapsed part of the template (most of the time name should be the same as page name):
  • Provide links to Wikipedia articles and/or Commons galleries - this is important to avoid disambiguation problems and to allow users to easily find more information.
  • Best solution is to use {{LangSwitch}} to show the name in user's own language and provide link to an article in user's wikipedia. See here for more info.
  • Avoid using Language templates in this section.
  • Corresponds to the Wikidata label and sitelink
parentName of parent institution.
  • Corresponds to P749 (parent company) on Wikidata
  • parent organization (P749)optional
    native nameOfficial name of the institution in the native language
  • Corresponds to P1448 (official name) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    locationInstitution location: usually a city name with a link to the location's page:
  • Template automatically places location inside {{city|city-name}} template which works as a lookup table connecting multiple spellings of cities to autotranslated city templates, its own translations or to the Commons galleries. If no suitable links are found than string is unchanged.
  • One can use one of autotranslated city templates (see Category:Multilingual tags: Locations). Those templates show the city name in the language of the viewer and provide links to the wikipedia pages in that language.
  • One can also use direct links to a gallery or Wikipedia article
  • Use {{RelativeLocation}} for relative locations, like "A near B".
  • Avoid using Language templates, like {{de|Paris}}, or {{LangSwitch}} template.
  • In case of small little known institutions, without Wikipedia articles of website addresses, this field could be used to provide street address using {{Building address}} template.
  • Corresponds to P276 (location) with fallback to P131 (is in the administrative territorial entity) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    latitudeThe latitude coordinate of the institution.
  • Corresponds to P625 (coordinate location) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    longitudeThe longitude coordinate of the institution.
  • Corresponds to P625 (coordinate location) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    OSMLink to OpenStreetMap way page. For example if OSM=58975404, then clicking OpenStreetMap icon will link to
  • Not sure what this corresponds to on Wikidata. Maybe P402 or P1282
  • emptyoptional
    geopolyPolygon coordinates in lat1,lon1,height1 lat2,lon2,height2 lat3,lon3,height3 format. Clicking Google icon will link to polygon drawn in Google Maps.
  • Not available on Wikidata (yet).
  • emptyoptional
    establishedDate of the institution's establishment. Example: 1997-03-31
  • Corresponds to P571 (date of foundation or creation) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    websiteLink to the institution external website
  • Corresponds to official website (P856) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    imageImage of the institution
  • Corresponds to image (P18) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    homecatInstitution home category - used to categorize the institution page without categorizing images using it. Institution pages should be categorized using Homecat parameter only. Please do not add categories directly since those would be added to all the files and categories using the template.
  • Corresponds to Commons category (P373) on Wikidata
  • emptyrequired
    linkbackname of specialized Institution: page used to provide a link back to it. If provided than an icon will be shown in the top line, after the name. Clicking this icon will bring user to the proper Institution: page.
  • Corresponds to Commons Institution page (P1612) on Wikidata
  • emptyoptional
    authorityAs of May 2016 it is recommended to add "Wikidata" parameter and add any authority control parameters to wikidata instead of Institution template. Then proper authority control information will be displayed. For older templates, this field was used for Authority control data displayed using a call to {{Authority control|...|bare=1}}. See for example Institution:Bibliothèque Municipale, Saint-Germain-en-Laye.emptydeprecated
    inventoryLink to the institution or museum inventory page, like Inventory Glyptothek (München)
  • No corresponding Wikidata property (yet).
  • emptyoptional
    wikidataLink to the Wikidata item of the institution, like q1.
  • That's the item where we're grabbing al the Wikidata information from
  • emptyoptional
    optionTemplate {{Institution}} is mostly used to create custom templates in "Institution" namespace specific to a single institution. Option parameter should always be set to |option = {{{1|}}} and is used to pass information from users of the custom templates to the {{Institution}} template code. For example if one calls {{Institution:Louvre|1234}}, the "1234" will be passed as argument option to the {{Institution}} template. That mechanism is used extensively with {{Creator}} templates, but in case of {{Institution}} templates it is used at the moment only to pass information if template should be initially collapsed or not. The wikitext {{Institution:Louvre|collapse}} will create collapsed Institution:Louvre template.emptyrequired

    Additional information

    The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the main or gallery namespace (unprefixed)

    The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

    Relies on:

    See also

    Translations at Module:I18n/institution


    Institution:Glyptothek (München), rendered as

    Glyptothek   wikidata:Q162077  (Inventory)
    Native name Glyptothek
    Coordinates 48° 08′ 48″ N, 11° 33′ 57″ E Link to OpenStreetMap Link to Google Maps Edit this at Wikidata
    Established 1830
    Website Glyptothek
    Authority file
    institution QS:P195,Q162077

    has source code:

     | option   = {{{1|}}} <!-- Do not modify -->
     | name = {{LangSwitch
       |ca=[[:ca:Gliptoteca de Munic|Gliptoteca de Munic]]
       |de=[[:de:Glyptothek (München)|Glyptothek, München]]
       |en=[[:en:Glyptothek|Glyptothek, Munich]]
       |es=[[:es:Gliptoteca de Múnich|Gliptoteca de Múnich]]
       |fr=[[:fr:Glyptothèque de Munich|Glyptothèque de Munich]]
       |it=[[:it:Gliptoteca (Monaco di Baviera)|Gliptoteca di Monaco di Baviera]]
       |mk=[[:mk:Глиптотека (Минхен)|Глиптотека, Минхен]]
       |pl=[[:pl:Gliptoteka monachijska|Gliptoteka monachijska]]
       |pt=[[:pt:Glyptothek|Glyptothek, Munique]]
       |ro=[[:ro:Gliptoteca de la München|Gliptoteca de la München]]
       |ru=[[:ru:Глиптотека (Мюнхен)|Мюнхенская глиптотека]]
       |sl=[[:sl:Gliptoteka v Münchnu|Gliptoteka v Münchnu]]
     | native name = Glyptothek
     | location  = {{Munich}}
     | established = 1830
     | inventory = Inventory Glyptothek (München)
     | website   = [ Glyptothek]
     | image     = Glyptothek München, April 2023.jpg
     | wikidata  = Q162077

    This page is saved at "Institution:Glyptothek (München)" and used by typing {{Institution:Glyptothek (München)}}