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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Taxolang/doc.

This template contains the text strings from the templates {{species}}, {{subspecies}}, {{genera}}, {{taxa}}, and their relatives. It has been consolidated here in order to make translating easier.

Note: If you want to check or improve all biology translations in your language, you should go to Biology internationalization templates.


  • <firstParam>
    the term to be translated
  • count=<count>
    only for species/nothospecies
  • accepted=no
    only for species/nothospecies
  • extant=yes
    only for inc-XXXX


  • for becomes 'for'
  • retrieved-on becomes 'Retrieved on'
  • sport-of becomes 'Sport of'
  • selection-of becomes 'Selection of'
  • tradenames becomes 'Trade name(s)'

Used by[edit]

This template is used by: