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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Tl/doc.

For the Tagalog language template, see {{Tgl}}

Tl stands for Template link. It creates a link to a template and surrounds it with {{...}}.


{{Tl |1= |2= |3= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 template name Tl optional
2 display name parameter 1 optional
3 interwiki language code (can also be specified with lang=) empty optional
code any value, for a surrounding <code> tag  (like {{Tl2}}) empty optional
incl numeric value,
  • 0: both brackets are not a part of the link,  like {{Tl}}
  • 1: the inner brackets are part of the link  like {{T1}}
  • 2: both brackets are part of the link,  like {{T}}
0 optional
parm to display templates parameters   (like {{Tlx}})
gives "|1=|2=|code=y"
empty optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: no namespace specified

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: no user group specified


  • {{Tl}} → {{Tl}}
  • {{Tl|coltit}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|coltit|incl=0}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|coltit|incl=1}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|coltit|incl=2}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|Coltit|coltit}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|Coltit|test|en}} → {{test}}
  • {{Tl|Coltit|3=de}} → {{Coltit}}

with code=y

  • {{Tl|U|user|code=y|parm=&#124;1=&#124;2=&#124;parameter=}} → {{user|1=|2=|parameter=}}
  • {{Tl|coltit|code=y}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|Coltit|coltit|code=y|incl=1}} → {{coltit}}
  • {{Tl|Coltit|color titling|en|code=y}} → {{color titling}}
  • <tt>{{Tl|Coltit|3=de|code=y}}</tt> → {{Coltit}}

See also

Template links

Code Result Notes lock


{{Example}} makes brackets part of the link; see docu 🔒


Example just link, without the brackets; see docu 🔓


{{Example}} inner brackets are part of the link; see docu 🔓
{{tl|example}} {{example}} makes brackets around the link; see docu 🔒


{{subst:example}} no parameters, adds "subst:" 🔒


{{example|1|2|3|4|5|7|8|...}} up to 8 parameters 🔒


{{subst:example|1|2|3|4|5||7|8|...}} up to 8 parameters, adds "subst:"; see docu 🔓

{{tlf|example|1|2|3|...up to 8}}

{{example|1|2|3|...up to 8}} up to 8 parameters, no link; see docu 🔒

{{tlc|example|1|2|3|4|||7|up to 8|9}}

{{example|1|2|3|4|||7|up to 8}} up to 8 parameters, no link, <code> style 🔓


{{example|1||2|3||}} up to 8 parameters, <code> style; see docu 🔓


{{User:Example}} like {{tl}} but for any namespace 🔓


{{ Tle1 = v12 = v23 = v3 }} decribes parameters and their values 🔓

Alternative forms

Note: These ignore empty parameters.
Code Result Notes lock


{{example|1|2|3|4|5|7|8}} up to 8 parameters; ignores empty parms 🔒


{{example|p1|p2}} up to 2 parameters, <code> style; see docu 🔓


{{subst:example|1|2|3|etc.}} up to 3 parameters, adds linked "subst:" 🔓


{{subst:example|2|3|6|...}} up to 5 parameters, adds linked "subst:", teletype style 🔓