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This is the Wikimedia Commons userpage for 1007D. For his Wikipedia page, you may make a free enterance to [w:User:1007D/Campus].

1007D changed his name to Dhe Zerohander.

Pictures uploaded[edit]

Le Pig Studios.jpg[edit]

1007D uploaded this picture to Wikipedia for an elaborately unsuccessful project to bring The Downward Spiral to Good Article status. The picture has some rights resevered, meaning that it's a Creative Commons image.

Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 300x300 pixels.jpg[edit]

This 300X300 pixels picture, hence the name, was also uploaded by this user. The album cover for The Downward Spiral.

Other images[edit]

A image voted by 1007D for best picture of 2010. The picture was ranked fifth but didn't win any prizes, failing to reach the Top 3.