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Policy & utility pages[edit]

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1 Commons:Copyright tags COM:CT
2 Commons:Licensing COM:L
3 Commons:Assume good faith COM:AGF
4 File:No original research.png WP:NOR No original research.png
5 Template:Fictitious flag {{Fictitious flag}} Template to mark fictitious or proposed but not adopted flags. See also {{Fictional}} (for any type of unofficial insignia) and {{Fake sports logo}} (for fantasy football flags).
6 Template:Fictitious map {{Fictitious map}} New template by Heb (talk · contribs) to mark fictitious or grossly inacurate maps.
7 File:Wikimedia Community Logo.svg Wikimedia Community Logo.svg "You may use and remix the Wikimedia marks on the Wikimedia sites as you please."
9 Commons:Templates COM:T
10 Commons:Message templates COM:MT Messages for other users' talk pages.
11 Commons:GeoCommons COM:GEOCO Commons-logo.svg Activated by loading GeoCommons.kml in Google Earth.
12 Template:Airport codes {{Airport codes}} {{Airport codes|1=LCY|2=EGLC}}


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Regular pages[edit]

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1 Help:Public domain
2 Communications receivers Top class HF radios
3 ADR labels of danger
4 User:32RB17/Wikignome Wikignome template


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1 Category:Copyright tag related images and logos See also sub-categories
1.1 Category:SVG Creative Commons icons
2 Category:DIN 4844-2 warning signs
3 Category:GHS pictograms
4 Category:ADR images
5 Category:ISO 7010 fire safety signs
6 Category:ISO 7010 mandatory action signs
7 Category:ISO 7010 prohibition signs
8 Category:ISO 7010 safe condition signs
9 Category:ISO 7010 warning signs
10 Category:IC pinout diagrams Many SVG files of populst chips
15 Category:Wikipe-tan Wikipedia mascot images
16 Category:Arduino Arduino microcontrollers

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Black Gallery[edit]


  1. Au quatrième tiroir que visita Sarcany, sous des papiers dont il n’avait que faire, se trouvait une sorte de carte, trouée irrégulièrement. Cette carte attira tout de suite son attention. «La grille !» se dit-il. Il ne se trompait pas.