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Teampall Deirbhile in Ireland. More pictures...
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I'm Andreas Franz Borchert from Lonsee in Germany. Please use the pronouns he/him/his when referring to me. I am also active at Mastodon.

Most of my photographs are from archaeological or architectural heritage sites in Ireland. I've a particular interest in monastic sites, churches, and stained glass. Some photos are from South Germany, particularly the area around of Ulm, from France (mainly from Manche), and from the United States where I lived for some time. My focus is on photos with documentary value, less on eye-catching stuff. Most photos were shot in raw formats and subsequently developed in Adobe Lightroom where I usually fix exposure, contrast, perspective, tilt, dust spots, and chromatic aberrations. This is not individually noted. Some photos are stitched (this is always noted) or stacked to increase the dynamic range (this is always noted in the reference section where multiple images are refered to).

These are the photos I uploaded on my first day at Wikimedia Commons on 5 October 2005, 18 years, 7 months and 17 days ago:

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