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Alain Carpentier

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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I’ve worked in several domain of the web and have a global view of web applications development. I master: Photoshop, HTML Integration, JavaScript, PHP, Actionscript, Ajax, Object Oriented Programming, Database Development, Project Architecture, Team management, QA, R&D, etc. So on the technical side, I’m sure to be able to contribute on wiki somehow... but I’m new so it will take me some time to establish. I also installed a wiki on my server to test it and develop some custom tool. Anyway, I’ve bought a couple of month ago a Nikon d40x (Just sold my d40x and have the d80 now. Much better... ;)) and started learning photography. I have a lot to learn from photographers on wiki. Thanks, Alain Carpentier

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Owner of (Meet my associate Stephanie Menard)
Application Developement Director
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Vice president technology of

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personal image gallery updated recently ;)

French Notice
J’ai tout récemment commencer à offrir un service de photographie dans la region de Montréal et de la Rive-Nord. Pour plus d’informations, veuillez consulter

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