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Photos and pictures of Archaeology by Achird[edit]

This user page consists of galleries with archaeological pictures uploaded by me, the user Achird. Most of the pictures are photos I've taken myself. There is also a lot of scanned pictures from old books, and a few drawings made by me. The pictures are first of all sorted by archaeological period. The main purpose of this page is just for me to keep track of the pictures I've uploaded.

The Mesolithic period[edit]

The Mesolithic period in Västergötland[edit]

The Early and Middle Neolithic period[edit]

The Early and Middle Neolithic period in Bohuslän[edit]

The Early and Middle Neolithic period in Västergötland[edit]

Hallonflickan from Luttra[edit]

Passage graves at Ekornavallen[edit]

Passage graves in Falköping[edit]

The Passage grave Hjelmarsrör (RAÄ-nr Falköping 3:1)[edit]
The Passage graves of Ängshögen (RAÄ-nr Falköping 8:1 & 9:1)[edit]
The Passage grave Kyrkerör (RAÄ-nr Falköping 28:1)[edit]
The Nästegården Passage grave (RAÄ-nr Falköpings västra 2:1)[edit]
The Passage grave Firse sten (RAÄ-nr Falköpings östra 1:1)[edit]

Passage graves in Gökhem and Vilske-Kleva[edit]

Passage graves in Karleby[edit]

Passage graves in Luttra[edit]

The Dolmen Slutarpsdösen[edit]

Passage graves in Vårkumla[edit]

The Early and Middle Neolithic period in Öland[edit]

The Late Neolithic period[edit]

The Late Neolithic period in Halland[edit]

The Late Neolitic period in Västergötland[edit]

Nästegårdens hällkista, Falköpings västra sn[edit]

Utbogårdens hällkista, Karleby sn[edit]

Bronze Age[edit]

Bronze Age in Blekinge[edit]

Bronze Age in Skåne[edit]

Bronze Age in Svealand[edit]

Bronze Age in Västergötland[edit]


Flyhov rock carvings[edit]

Iron Age[edit]

Iron Age in Blekinge[edit]

Runestones in Blekinge[edit]

Iron Age in Bohuslän[edit]

Iron Age in Denmark[edit]

Iron Age in Halland[edit]

Iron Age in Skåne[edit]

Runestones in Skåne[edit]

Iron Age in Småland[edit]

Iron Age in Svealand[edit]


Runestones in Svealand[edit]

Altunastenen (U 1161)[edit]
Odendisas runsten (Vs 24)[edit]

Iron Age in Västergötland[edit]

Runestones in Västergötland[edit]

Iron Age in Öland[edit]

Runestones in Öland[edit]

Iron Age in Östergötland[edit]

The Rök Runestone[edit]

Mediaeval and modern times[edit]

Mediaeval and modern times in Svealand[edit]

Mediaeval and modern times in Västergötland[edit]

Milestones, memorial stones, and other stones in Västergötland[edit]