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Aditya Kabir
User-Aditya Kabir.jpg
One of Aditya's many incarnations
Born 13-11-1970
Barisal, Bangladesh
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Other names Nearvision
Alma mater Dhaka University
Occupation Advertising
Years active 10

I am sick, pretty pervertedly sick, and I dream of descending to the hell before I die. Yes, I belive in the common (not commons) Bengali saying - "Go to hell and die." That's exactly what I plan to do. And, I take pictures with either a digital camera or a camera phone. Well, i am more proud of the camphone pictures, cause no one else around tries to do serious photography using one of those. For me the frame and the documentary content is more important than the lighting and all those arty stuff.


That's my Goddess

I learned to recycle images from Picasa and Flickr. It has to be images marked either with BY or BY SA, while BY NC or BY NC BY are out. Using only well known licenses now.


I have plans around the photo stuff, too. If those work out, and I can make time, Wikimedia Commons will have plenty Bangladesh images to use around. And, the whole category should be pretty well organized with pages, sub-categories an captions to accompany those images. Good luck to you all. Though, apparently the repository of free Bangladesh images is growing anyways, without my feeble contributions. The organization of the collection is still in shambles. Don't hate me, please.

My contributions[edit]

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Pretty little.

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That's it.

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