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Nuttige skakels

I started out at the Afrikaans Wikipedia, where I wrote articles I considered vital and basically tried to keep the machinery oiled and running. My administrative duties there kept me quite busy, so I mostly spent my time here uploading images (usually from Flickr, or transfers from the Afrikaans Wikipedia) and nominating pictures for Featured Picture-status. I have recently also increased my contributions here and at the Afrikaans Wikisource: I am currently uploading old public domain images that I have scanned myself, mostly regarding South Africa history, as well as uploading photographs I took myself.

If you need to contact me you can use my talk page here. And yes, I am actually fluent in English, although my habitual typos might make you believe otherwise....

Pictures scanned by me[edit]


Pictures taken by me[edit]

Caves of St. Pieter[edit]