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There has been some confusion and disagreement about what to do since Wikidata began to support interwiki links on Commons, in late September 2013. (See e.g. Commons:Village pump#Wikidata is here! and d:Wikidata:Requests for comment/Commons links.) I think part of the problem has been that we didn't have a clear picture of what interwiki links Commons had already.

I have examined the interwiki links in the sidebar (sometimes called interlanguage links) of a small random sample of 150 categories and 50 galleries. These were selected by just clicking on Special:Random/Category and Special:Random repeatedly. For some categories, we have a corresponding gallery, and vice versa.

If both a category and gallery link to the same Wikipedia page, Wikidata sitelinks currently cannot handle this, because they only allow one Commons sitelink per item. I therefore examined the interwiki links in the gallery corresponding to each category in the sample (when one existed), and likewise for categories corresponding to the sampled galleries, to see how many had such clashes.


Most categories (around 80%) did not have interwiki links. In contrast, 70% of galleries did have interwiki links.

All interwiki links in galleries pointed to Wikipedia articles, but only about 10% of Commons categories with interwiki links pointed to Wikipedia categories. The vast majority linked to Wikipedia articles instead.

Around half the galleries with interwiki links had a corresponding category that also linked to Wikipedia articles.

Only 4 pages (less than 2%) had been linked to Wikidata, all by bots, and all already had existing interwiki links specified in the page markup.


Of the 150 categories sampled, I found that 31 had interwiki links, of which 28 were to Wikipedia articles. Just 3 of those categories had a corresponding gallery, of which 1 had interwiki links. Of the 119 categories without interwiki links, 3 had a corresponding gallery, and 2 of these had interwiki links.

For sampled categories Interwiki links from gallery
Interwiki links from category Article None No corresponding gallery Total


Of the 50 galleries sampled, I found that 35 had interwiki links (all to articles). Of those 35, all but 2 had a corresponding category. Of those 33 categories, 17 had interwiki links to articles, 15 had no interwiki links, and just 1 had interwiki links to categories. Among the 15 galleries without interwiki links, all but 3 had a corresponding category. Five of these 12 categories had interwiki links, 4 to articles and 1 to categories.

For sampled galleries Interwiki links from gallery
Interwiki links from category Article None Total
No corresponding category

Sample listings[edit]


Category name Interwiki links Links stored as Corresponding gallery Interwiki links Links stored as Wikidata linked by
Category:Piazza San Marco (Venice) - Left side pylon None None
Category:National libraries of Indonesia None None
Category:Županovice (Jindřichův Hradec District) Article Markup Županovice (Jindřichův Hradec district) None
Category:20th-century war memorials in Germany None None
Category:Close-ups of Papaver flowers None None
Category:Constantin von Waldburg-Zeil Article Markup None
Category:880s by country None None
Category:Churches in Finland built in 1966 None None
Category:Pipelines in Portugal None None
Category:Neighbourhoods in Fyllingsdalen None None
Category:Ghimpele 1877 None None
Category:Człuchów Castle Article Markup None
Category:Hinko Nučič Article Markup None
Category:Vogua Monstra None None
Category:Santi Giovanni Evangelista e Stefano (Montopoli in Val d'Arno) None None
Category:Male punk rock guitarists None None
Category:Statues in Landkreis Vulkaneifel None None
Category:IMO 9195717 None None
Category:Road signs in Kreis Borken None None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid SJ0837 None None
Category:Foreign bodies Article Markup None
Category:Fittonia None None
Category:Geography of Niigata prefecture Category Markup None
Category:Anas georgica None Anas georgica Article Markup and Wikidata BotMultichill
Category:2013 by month None None
Category:Districts of Bielefeld None None
Category:Graffiti of vehicles None None
Category:21. DDR-Meisterschaften im Sportschwimmen None None
Category:Civil rights in Japan None None
Category:Contributors to the Chinese Wikipedia None None
Category:HC-BXU (aircraft) None None
Category:Birgit Horota None None
Category:Yury Aleksandrovich Golovkin None None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid TR1942 None None
Category:Pipe organs in the Philippines None None
Category:Łódzka Piwnica Artystyczna "Przechowalnia" Article Markup None
Category:Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo churches in Italy None None
Category:2013 events in Stockholm None None
Category:Peter's Hill None None
Category:Fairfax, Virginia None None
Category:San Giovanni Battista (Gallicano) None None
Category:Polynesian (ship, 1876) None None
Category:Charles-Roß-Ring None None
Category:Demographic maps of 15-19 year old males employed in the education and training industry in Inner Sydney None None
Category:Cine teatro Atlantico Luanda None None
Category:Waltrovy letecké závody Jinonice None None
Category:Schools in Wiener Neustadt None None
Category:Ceilings in Catalonia None None
Category:Doddridge Chapel (Wayne County, Indiana) None None
Category:Built in Slovakia in 1992 None None
Category:1907 in rail transport in the United Kingdom None None
Category:Demographic maps of structures not stated rented from a landlord type not stated by Postal Area None None
Category:Judith Chemla Article Markup None
Category:Burgen und Schlösser im Eichsfeld None None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid SU2014 None None
Category:Church towers in Isère None None
Category:Germ cell neoplasm None None
Category:Watch Stone Article Markup None
Category:Northwest Folklife Festival in the 1990s None None
Category:Vestitorul Românesc February 1852 None None
Category:Amiga (Plattenlabel) None None
Category:Society of Laos None None
Category:Otoshidama Article Markup None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid SP9123 None None
Category:Bardwell, Suffolk Article Markup None
Category:195-meter high-rises None None
Category:Demographic maps of 45-54 year old males employed in the wholesale trade industry by Statistical Area Level 1 None None
Category:Demographic maps of people born in the United States of America who arrived in Australia during 1981-1990 in Australia by state or territory None None
Category:NCEP daily max-min temperature maps for 05 March None None
Category:Presa de Bossòst None None
Category:Minerals of Sonntagskopf Mt None None
Category:Film directors from Bolivia None None
Category:Kempston Rural Article Markup None
Category:Washington State Route 538 None None
Category:Lamps by Philippe Starck None None
Category:Thatched roofs in Greater Manchester None None
Category:Economy of Orissa None None
Category:Maps of Boa Vista, Cape Verde None None
Category:Strensham services None None
Category:Joan-Lluís Lluís Article Markup None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid SO5270 None None
Category:Demographic maps of males by core activity need for assistance in Australia None None
Category:Worth Matravers Article Markup None
Category:St Michael's Church, Bath None None
Category:ICC World Cricket League Article Markup None
Category:Houses in Ulm None None
Category:Yaxche-Xlabpak None None
Category:Quainton None None
Category:Histocytological preparation techniques None None
Category:Fuchsia jimenezii None Fuchsia jimenezii None
Category:Architectural elements in Drôme None None
Category:Riding arenas in Finland None None
Category:YA-FAZ (aircraft) None None
Category:Baoding Article Markup None
Category:Green flags with yellow None None
Category:Pigs in Vietnam None None
Category:Photoidea None None
Category:Julienne None None
Category:Pulp and paper mills in Slovenia None None
Category:Lutheran churches in Belarus None None
Category:Towers in Thuringia None None
Category:Vizcaya museum and gardens None None
Category:Sports venues in Johannesburg None None
Category:Wormsley Park Article Markup None
Category:Hats with transparent background None None
Category:Cityscapes of Detroit, Michigan None None
Category:Military rank insignia of Belgium None None
Category:Fashion in 1676 None None
Category:2007 Philadelphia Phillies season Article Markup and Wikidata None KrBot
Category:1991 in Schwerin None None
Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project needing categories in grid SJ9693 None None
Category:Synallaxis candaei None None
Category:Star 660 None None
Category:Images from KIT, Voorstelling Object - latten None None
Category:Energieteam Arena Article Markup None
Category:1550s churches in Italy None None
Category:Aphanizomenon Article Markup None
Category:Río Almendares None None
Category:Extertalbahn Article Markup None
Category:2009 in Poitou-Charentes None None
Category:Georg Ludvig von der Schulenburg Article Markup None
Category:Q1 (building) Article Markup None
Category:Holes Article Markup Hole None
Category:Silverwork at the Franz Mayer Museum None None
Category:Airco DH.15 None None
Category:Wadern None None
Category:Buses in Midi-Pyrénées by department None None
Category:Range Rover Evoque None None
Category:Snow in Arlon None None
Category:Hackett House None None
Category:Chantecoq Article Markup None
Category:Whoopi Goldberg Article Markup Whoopi Goldberg Article Markup
Category:Plaza de España de Salinas None None
Category:Built in Arizona in 1881 None None
Category:1589 births Category Markup None
Category:Santa Maria in Val d'Abisso (Piobbico) None None
Category:Holy Blood church in Poznań None Kościół Najświętszej Krwi Pana Jezusa w Poznaniu Article Markup
Category:Wola Massacre memorials None None
Category:Ocreatus underwoodii Article Markup None
Category:Afflecks palace None None
Category:Taras Shevchenko monuments Category Markup None
Category:Baltimore, County Cork Article Markup None
Category:Land reform Article Markup None
Category:Mines in Derbyshire None None
Category:Interior of Saint John church in Gdańsk None None
Category:8 à Huit None None
Category:Coats of arms of bishops of Tulle None None
Category:Leipziger Frühjahrsmesse 1981 None None
Category:Säästöpankki Sculptures by Emil Wikström None None
Category:NGC 6709 None None


Gallery name Interwiki links Links stored as Corresponding category Interwiki links Links stored as Wikidata linked by
Raining animals Article Markup Category:Raining animals Article Markup
Brachionidium folsomii Article Markup Category:Brachionidium folsomii None
Greigia sphacelata Article Markup Category:Greigia sphacelata None
Triturus dobrogicus Article Markup Category:Triturus dobrogicus None
Point Pleasant Park Article Markup Category:Point Pleasant Park None
Paper folding Article Markup None
Brilon Article Markup Category:Brilon None
Halesia diptera Article Markup Category:Halesia diptera None
Priyanka Chopra Article Markup Category:Priyanka Chopra Article Markup
Rosa 'Candelabra' None Category:Rosa 'Candelabra' None
Neoglanis geminus None None
Clavelina lepadiformis Article Markup Category:Clavelina lepadiformis Article Markup
Dober pajdás kalendárium None Category:Dober pajdás kalendárium None
Максим Горький Article Markup Category:Maxim Gorky Article Markup
Gisekia pharnacioides None Category:Gisekia pharnacioides None
Piaya cayana Article Markup Category:Piaya cayana Article Markup
Rumina decollata Article Markup Category:Rumina decollata None
Heart Article Markup Category:Heart (organ) Article Markup
Masovia None Category:Masovia Category Markup and Wikidata BotMultichill
Siren intermedia None Category:Siren intermedia None
Vaccinium cylindraceum None Category:Vaccinium cylindraceum Article Markup
Molinaea alternifolia Article Markup Category:Cupania alternifolia None
Colt Cobra Article Markup None
Ononis arvensis Article Markup Category:Ononis arvensis None
Panarea Article Markup Category:Panarea None
Eudyptes schlegeli Article Markup Category:Eudyptes schlegeli None
Torrita di Siena Article Markup Category:Torrita di Siena Article Markup
Rhinolophus euryale Article Markup Category:Rhinolophus euryale Article Markup
سوريا Article Markup Category:Syria Category Markup and Wikidata BotMultichill
Harald Terpe None Category:Harald Terpe Article Markup
Velociraptor Article Markup Category:Velociraptor Article Markup
Cardigan Bay Article Markup Category:Cardigan Bay None
Prunus verecunda None Category:Prunus verecunda None
Erysimum Article Markup Category:Erysimum Article Markup
Ada Christen Article Markup Category:Ada Christen Article Markup
Frans Hals/Work/6 None Category:Frans Hals Article Markup
Milbrulong, New South Wales Article Markup Category:Milbrulong, New South Wales None
Valdesamario Article Markup Category:Valdesamario Article Markup
Images from The Beginner's American History None None
Liwan None Category:Liwan None
Michael Foale Article Markup Category:Michael Foale Article Markup
Kamov Ka-50 Article Markup Category:Kamov Ka-50 Article Markup
Jagdpanzer IV Article Markup Category:Jagdpanzer IV Article Markup
Micromphale brassicolens None None
Saint-Ségal None Category:Saint-Ségal Article Markup
NGC 6210 Article Markup Category:NGC 6210 Article Markup
Thamnosma montana Article Markup Category:Thamnosma montana None
Frederic Remington Article Markup Category:Frederic Remington Article Markup
Lysichiton Article Markup Category:Lysichiton None
Sorbaria kirilowii None Category:Sorbaria kirilowii None