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ForestWander is a father and son Nature Photography team from West Virginia who hike throughout the Forests and Wilderness capturing nature in its raw beauty.

ForestWander Team

From the marshes of Cranberry Glades to the High peaks of the North Fork Mountain Range ForestWander traverses the dangerous landscapes and deep wooded areas to share the wonders of nature with the World Wide Web.

Little ForestWander

ForestWander Nature Photography [1] has been published since 2004 and its growing base of free nature pictures continues to increase as it attracts more than 100,000 visitors each month.

The Nature Photography shared on Wikimedia Commons is free to use as long as you share with others and attribute the work to ForestWander Nature Photography.

Free Nature Pictures by ForestWander Nature Photography Mission

ForestWander is a father and son team of photographers from West Virginia. In 2004 Troy and Rusty Lilly (4 years old at the time) began hiking in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. With a Canon Powershot A50 1-Megapixel digital camera ForestWander began capturing digital pictures of flowers, forests, wildlife, fall foliage, waterfalls and mountains; when Rusty and his dad could go hiking in the mountains. While walking home from work one day singing the song "How Great Thou Art" the second verse from the song spoke to Troy's heart as he sang "When through the Woods and Forest Glades I Wander". Then the name for ForestWander Nature Photography was penned.


Troy became a born again Christian in 2004 and now has dedicated many years to sharing the Gospel message through God's creation in computer desktop wallpaper pictures. The scripture from Psalm 19 tells that "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge". The many examples of free high resolution wallpaper throughout ForestWander's nature pictures are prime examples of this Handywork; and are an undeniable testimony of the almighty creator, who has made all things for His Glory.

One motto that has followed this divinely inspired ministry comes directly from Bible scripture and a commandment given by Jesus to His disciples, "Freely Ye have Received, Freely Give". This commandment has grown ForestWander Nature Pictures to where it is today. All high resolution images are carefully post processed and great care is given to providing the highest quality images at no charge. The beautiful free pictures throughout ForestWander can be used as computer Wallpaper or even as mobile backgrounds. The free nature wallpapers are compatible with IPod, IPhone, Android and literally hundreds of other mobile devices. There is literally no limit to where and how these free high resolution nature wallpaper downloads can be used.

ForestWander's high resolution nature pictures have been used all throughout the world in many types of publications. Book Covers, Gospel Music CD Covers, News Paper Publications, Magazine Covers, Screen Savers and even Microsoft's Backgrounds, as well as many Photography Contests and Competitions have utilized ForestWander's free nature pictures over the past several years. All that ForestWander requests is that a link or mention for this website is included in whatever the publication may be, and absolutely No Royalties or Fees are required for using these beautiful pictures in commercial or personal applications.

Each of the newest images uploaded to ForestWander can be up to 21 Mega Pixels in size. These high quality wallpaper images can accomodate large format printing for pictures large enough to cover an entire wall. ForestWander's pictures can truly live up to the name high resolution nature wallpaper. The beautiful pictures are taken with a Full frame Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera which is regarded as one of the industries best professional cameras. Although the term free usually indicates something of little or no value ForestWander is determined to spread the message that even the very best gifts in this life are free to those who simply ask.

Purchasing options are available for those who would like to help support this mission; beautifully framed nature photography art, stock nature picture photography purchases, camera and outdoor adventure equipment, non-attribution licenses and donations as well as many other options are available to those who enjoy these free high resolution wallpapers and would like to help us continue this mission. The Lord uses His people to help His people and without your help we would not be able to continue this mission as it takes a lot of time and money to operate and maintain ForestWander. We hope you have been blessed by ForestWander and that you will spread the word about the great free high resolution nature pictures available to all who visit ForestWander Free Nature Picture Photography.