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Confirmation of additional rights is made in groups quarterly after a year from the granting of adminship.


The confirmation is made to confirm that an admin is still trusted and is an asset as administrator. The poll is also a comparatively uncontroversial way for an admin to lose his adminship if he is fairly inactive or unsuitable. Furthermore, it is a way for both ordinary users and fellow admins to say what they think about an admin, be it good or bad.


The confirmation will be made quarterly and run for two weeks. All users with rights that have been granted 12 months to 15 months ago will be listed. No vote need be made as the assumption will be that the rights continue. However if anyone "opposes" then it will turn in to a conventional RfA.

The users are to be listed at Commons:Administrators/confirm, without subpages for each user. Users up for re-election will also be mentioned at Commons:Administrators and preferably in public places such as the village pump and Administrators' Noticeboard.

Standard RfA rules applies: The poll is open for one week but can be extended if the poll is close. If no one comments at all, or no one comments negatively, the admin is reconfirmed. However, if there is at least one negative comment, 75% support is required for retention of adminship.

If the user is also checkuser and/or bureaucrat, the poll also covers those capacities. A support vote is per default a vote for the user keeping all capacities. If the voter doesn't approve of just the bureaucrat / checkuser right, then he should say so in his support-vote, e.g. "Support adminship, oppose bureaucratship." These oppose-votes will then be counted into the separate oppose-votes for that capacity.