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1.Magukbaforduló ikerszelvényesek 72dpi.jpg
Introverted Millipede (Diplopoda). The animal on the left side is a member of a species of Julus, its body is composed of hard, interlocking, sliding parts. The other one on the right side is a member of a species of Polydesmus; it has a pair of defensive glands on each segment on its back. The photograph was taken by the scanning electron microscope with 70 times magnification and has been colored in Adobe Photoshop.
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Hi to all,

I'm Giacomo Alessandroni (Italy), I am an electrical engineer and IT and robotichs teacher.

I'm an administrator of Italian Wikiversity, Italian global (for technical reasons) Vikidia.

Of course, as you can see by my contributions, I like contemporary history, and several others humanistic issue.

Do not hesitate to correct my mistakes if you suspect to find them.