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Lars Aronsson, 2020.
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sv-N Den här användaren har svenska som modersmål.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau.
da-1 Denne bruger har grundlæggende kendskab til dansk.
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English: LA2 is the username of Lars Aronsson, Sweden. For background and contact information, please see my Wikipedia user page. I operate a bot using the account LA2-bot (talk · contribs).
Svenska: LA2 är användarnamnet för Lars Aronsson, Linköping. För bakgrunds- och kontaktinformation, se min min användarpresentation i Wikipedia. Jag har en bot med kontonamnet LA2-bot (talk · contribs).

Diary / dagbok[edit]

April 27, 2023: Workshop at Flygvapenmuseum, Linköping around Category:100 000 Bildminnen/SAAB.

December 14, 2017: I create Category:Surveys of governorates of the Russian Empire and an index on its talk page.

June 1, 2015: I have great help of Geolocator for the photos in category:Linköpings mejeri.

May 24, 2013: I learn that user:Fred ande, working for Sweden's Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren), has uploaded letters by queen Christina (17th century), intended for transcription in Wikisource.

February 12, 2011: I make transcribed excerpts of File:Varje dag en världsrevy.ogv and add TimedText pages to them. In the TimedText namespace there are 275 files, providing timed text to 69 movies in 50 different languages. The most commonly provided languages are en (53), fr (16), es (15), de (13), sv (11), ru (11), zh-hant (9), it (9), pt (8), ja (8), mk (7), fi (7), el (7), pl (6), nl (6), nds (6), cs (6), ar (6), vi (5), he (5), bn (5).

When I try to use ffmpeg2theora with the -s and -e parameters, it never cuts exactly where I want it to. Here is a command that works:

ffmpeg -i film.mp4 -ss 487 -t 46 -b 1200k clip.avi ; ffmpeg2theora clip.avi

Instead of uploading individual clips, it should be possible to address parts of a longer film. This is possible with timed links, see phab:T28663, User:Mdale/TestTemporalUrls and category:Män och maskiner 1936. Some problems:

  • my Firefox 3.6.13 on Ubuntu Linux still hangs when playing back some (high bitrate) Ogg Theora films
  • mwEmbed is needed for subtitles, but this is a gadget that each user needs to activate. It doesn't help the anonymous reader/visitor of Wikipedia.
  • mwEmbed is a JavaScript does many things, among them it rearranges the web page layout, which takes extra time in my browser, especially when I visit a category with many films
  • text in the TimedText: namespace isn't included in the default search
  • from a TimedText: page, you can't click on a timestamp to see that part of the film

April-May, 2010: I start to upload Swedish patents, Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, and The London Gazette.

October 20, 2009: Classic Swedish design in office equipment:

October 18, 2009: I upload my first screencast, File:Recordmydesktop-svenska.ogv. I used recordmydesktop under Linux, and the film is an instruction movie with Swedish voice for how to use that program.

Zoom H4n

October 13, 2009: I upload my first sound file, File:LA2 dont walk.ogg. I'm using a Zoom H4n for recording and the Linux program oggenc (with default settings) to translate from WAV to OGG format.

December 16, 2008: I apply for a bot account, user:LA2-bot.

December 6, 2008: I join commons-l and post a message about the need for Making Wikimedia Commons less frightening.

3 december 2008: Jag skapar kategorin Linköping central cemetery och laddar upp några till gravstenar som jag fotograferade i maj 2004.

12-13 november 2008: Wikipedia Academy Lund 2008 är en stor händelse.

October 4, 2006: I upload 128 photos having names starting with LA2-vx06 from OpenStreetMap's mapping weekend in Växjö.

August 29, 2006: Some photo geocoding script for Linux is available at

August 28, 2006: If you add a "coor" template, specifying the geographic coordinates for an image or article, it will be added to the category:Media with locations, which currently contains 859 images. The following elegant sed script filters out the locations from the XML dump. However, there are more templates that does similar things, and the templates have aliases via redirects, e.g. {{Map-LatLong}} and {{Gbmapping}}.

sed '/<title>/h;/{{[Cc]oor/!d;x;p;x;s/^[^{]*{{/{{/;s/}}.*/}}/'

August 26, 2006: I'm going to try photo safaris of Växjö and Västerås on two weekends in October, combined with OpenStreetMap mapping weekends. But what should I capture? Is there a checklist or a wishlist? These are two medium-sized cathedral towns (50-100 thousand inhabitants) but what number of images is reasonable? There are great variations in the number of images in various subcategories under municipalities of Sweden, in part but not fully explained by the size of the cities: Stockholm 969, Göteborg 778, Malmö 375, Lund 325, Norrköping 258, Linköping 211, Karlskrona 199, Uppsala 166, Västerås 166, Uddevalla 160, Falköping 98, Lidköping 79, Motala 73, Söderköping 69, Ronneby 68, Strängnäs 68, Södertälje 63, Kiruna 60, Kalmar 57, Sundsvall 57, Luleå 56, Skara 50, Jönköping 45, Vänersborg 35, Trollhättan 33, Karlstad 30, Nyköping 27, Skövde 27, Umeå 25, Ödeshög 24, Karlsborg 22, Mjölby 21, Gävle 20, Örebro 15, Borås 13, Halmstad 12, Varberg 12, Växjö 11, Mora 9, Valdemarsvik 9, Falun 8, Finspång 8, Östersund 8, Arboga 7, Haparanda 7, Västervik 7, Eskilstuna 6, Lilla Edet 6, Norrtälje 6, Askersund 5, Kumla 5, Åtvidaberg 3, Kinda 3, Borlänge 2, Enköping 2, Ydre 2, Hallsberg 1, Lekeberg 1, Sala 1. Of the 166 images for Västerås, 84 are found in the sub-subcategory Power Big Meet 2005 covering a single car enthusiast event. Of the 21 articles for Mjölby municipality, 16 are from the small town Skänninge. The counts are based on the CatScan tool, which searches both categories and gallery articles. I just created a category:Commons:Geocoding.

In the downloadable dump of Wikimedia Commons from August 4, 2006, there are 726,944 images. The length of the metadata (EXIF) blob is 0 for 3026 images, 1 byte for 466,754 images (64%), 6 bytes for 9804 images, 40 bytes for 7 images, 61-200 bytes for 1631 images, 201-300 bytes for 25,884 images (4%), 301-700 for 9978 images, 700-1500 bytes for 209,587 images (29%), and longer than 1500 bytes for 273 images. There are 7.13 million EXIF attributes in 247,360 images. There are 81 different attribute names from ApertureValue to YResolution, the most commonly occuring ones being:

Occurances EXIF Attribute Comment
247267 MEDIAWIKI_EXIF_VERSION Always value 1
242164 ColorSpace Value is 1 (89%) or 65535 (11%)
238491 ResolutionUnit Value is 2 (99.4%) or 3 (.58%)
237188 XResolution
237117 YResolution
229180 DateTime
225345 Orientation Value is 1 (96.4%), 0 (1.8%), 6 (1.0%) or 8 (0.7%)
220121 ExifVersion Value is 0220 (71%), 0210 (14%), 0221 (13%), 0200 (1%)
219203 YCbCrPositioning
215990 Make Canon (29.5%), Olympus (11.9%), Nikon (10.8%), Sony (8.5%), Fujifilm (6.8%),
Eastman Kodak (5.7%), Panasonic (5.4%), Hewlett-Packard (3.5%), Konica (3.3%),
Casio (2.2%), Minolta (2.0%), Pentax (1.3%), Samsung (1.3%), Ricoh (1.2%)
215949 Model DMC-FZ20 (2.5%), CYBERSHOT (2.2%), Canon PowerShot SD400 (1.9%), NIKON D70 (1.6%),
Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL (1.4%), Canon PowerShot A520 (1.3%), Canon PowerShot A80 (1.3%),
Canon PowerShot A70 (1.2%), Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL (1.2%), Canon PowerShot G5 (1.0%)
214561 DateTimeOriginal
212398 DateTimeDigitized
211302 Flash
210792 FNumber
209088 ExposureTime
208752 MeteringMode
206917 FocalLength
203696 ExposureBiasValue
200242 MaxApertureValue
And some of the less common ones:
92 GPSLongitudeRef E (97%), W (2%) or "/" (1%) -- This is fine, but the actual latitude and longitude are missing
92 GPSLatitudeRef N (98%), S (1%) or "/" (1%)
44 GPSAltitude
34 GPSMapDatum All are WGS84 but some write this "WGS 1984" or "WGS-84"
6 GPSDateStamp
1 GPSDestDistanceRef
1 GPSDestBearingRef

December 19, 2005: My small contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser is two small banners in Swedish and English.

October 2005: I continue to scan and upload to Wikisource The New Student's Reference Work, 5 volumes, 1914. Here are some maps from the two works:

The New Student's Reference Work, 1914 Africa Asia Australia Canada Europe North America South America United States
Meyers Blitz-Lexikon, 1932 Afrika Asien Ozeanien Deutsches Reich Erde Europa Nordamerika Südamerika

September 2005: I scan and upload images of book pages from Meyers Blitz-Lexikon, 1932, a 440 page, one-volume German out-of-copyright encyclopedic dictionary, which is then presented with OCR text on the German Wikisource.

August 30, 2005: I create a category:public domain maps from and start to upload a dozen maps.

August 4-8, 2005: During the Wikimania conference I took this photo from Frankfurt am Main:

July 2005: I uploaded my old panorama of Riddarfjärden, Stockholm.

May 2005: Inspired by the fine spring weather, I went out to take some photos of my home town:


This also led me to think about connecting geographic coordinates (by GPS?) to photos. In my continued search, I found the website GEOsnapper and to try it out I uploaded some of my old photos there [1]. For all fairness, I also uploaded the same photos to Wikimedia Commons with a CC-SA license, geo coordinates included: Åbacka Café, Bergs slussar, Borgs konditori, Brooklyn Bridge, Buy Nothing Day, Carins Conditori, Deutsche Bücherei, Flygvapenmuseum, Universitetet i Greifswald, Gyllentorget, Hillsdale Inn, L-Center, Lindhska bokhandeln, Lövsta slott, Martin Luther, Medborgarplatsen, Norrköpings stadsbibliotek, Nora, Oakland, Santa Barbara, San Francisco city hall, Stockholms stadshus, V2-raketen. The same pictures have later also been uploaded to flickr and geotagged with geobloggers.

April 12, 2005: Just before the PixelACHE conference in Finland, a Dot Org Boom seminar was held at Finland's embassy in Stockholm, where Wikimedia Foundation board member Anthere was one of four speakers. In the audience was me and Steve Rapaport. I took these four photos.

At the embassy Morning session Afternoon session Audience

April 2005: Some more books. These are from Norway:


The setup from behind
The big picture of the setup, without flashlight
The final picture, with flashlight, cropped, and rotated 90 degrees, as used in fi:Tietosanakirja

February 2005: I'm learning to take better photos of books, as seen on the images to the right and in the articles en:Chandler B. Beach, en:Focus (encyclopedia), en:Machinery's Handbook, en:Nationalencyklopedin, en:Sven Lidman (lexicographer), de:Geflügeltes Wort, de:Otto Lueger, de:Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau, fi:Tietosanakirja. One very useful resource is Photographing Books. Effective Photos for Online Bookselling from the BookThink website.

Of course I'm careful not to violate any authors' or publishers' copyright when I publish photographs of book pages. Many of these books are old enough to be in the public domain, and where this is not the case I'm only publishing low resolution images that just give the reader an idea of the book's look-and-feel but don't reproduce the contents. I was told that "in Germany, not even thumbnails are allowed" with reference to a court case in Landesgericht Hamburg, September 5, 2003. However, this court case was about Google News publishing thumbnail images of photos that belonged to a German news agency, and I don't think that case is similar to my photos of book pages. In the German court case, the individual photos were of commercial value (the news agency wanted to sell them) and the thumbnails served as a replacement for Google's buying the right to publish the photos. My book photos do not (can not) serve as a replacement for the book pages that I'm depicting (and, of course, much less can they replace the entire book). However, I am not a lawyer (IANAL).

In the case of public domain books, I hope to scan them sooner or later. Pieni Tietosanakirja, 4 volumes, 1925-1928, is already on its way. In it I found some very nice maps of Asia, Europe, central Europe, Scandinavia, the world as well as plates of birds, flags, salt water fish, and sweet water fish. The texts on these maps and plates are in Finnish, hope that's ok.

January 2005: I uploaded my first photos, depicting some places and buildings in Sweden.