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Sunday 5 December 2021
Mountain. Road.
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Hope to be more active in the upcoming months. I see I need to brush up on some changes since a number of images I uploaded years ago were deleted. Thanks and apologies to all who cleaned up after me. - October 2011

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Lightmatter chimp.jpg
Gorilla 03-13.jpg
thirty–three monkeys

Zambia (Bemba) kolwe • Bulgarian flag маймуниCatalonia micoGuam (Chamorro) macheng • Czech opiceDutch aapEnglish monkey • Uzbekistan (Farsi) میمون • Finnish marakattiFrench singeGerman flag affenGreek flag μαϊμού • Hawaiian keko • Hungarian majom • Icelandic apaköttur • Hebrew פרימטיםIndia (Hindi) bandar • Italian scimmiaMalay flag kera • Polish małpaBrazil (Portuguese) macacoRussian обезьянаRwanda makake • Samoa manuki • Serbia majmun • Slovak opiceSpanish monoTanzania (Swahili) tumbili • Swedish markattaPhilippines (Tagalog) unggóy • Turkish maymun • Vatican city simia • Vietnamese thằng ranh

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