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I am Luistxo Fernandez, Basque wikipedian.

My Commons contributions and Image uploads.

My contributions to Wikidata: // and restricted to item creation.

My main contributions as a Wikipedian are in Basque, but from time to time I do edits and add new pages in Spanish Wikipedia and English Wikipedia too.

Useful tricks


Use CropTool to crop something from a wider photo.

Use WikiShootme to explore images located in a given area, and also the wikidata around.

Always add the infobox to Commons categoriesː

{{Wikidata Infobox}}

In case you can only precise a circa dateː

{{other date|~|1950|1960}}

I use the Commons Android app to upload images from my phone, and also as a tool to explore a given area when I'm out there.

How to ask for the deletion of a category.

My own trick with info panels


I take pics of info panels so they document a given object or place. Then, in the summary description of both the panel image & described thing photo, I add a description line like

|description={{Other |FILENAME_OF_THE_OTHER_FILE.jpg|info panel description}}

Example: some paleolithic object here, and the panel describing them.