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Status: Mak will drift in from time to time but has some pressing matters in the real world.

I am a Commoner and generally don't make contributions to the other Wikis except to spread around the wealth of images we have here.

  • I am not a doctor, nor am I an administrator, so don't treat me like one. Further, I am hostile to the notion of ever becoming one. Please don't assume my point of view expressed on various pages has any weight or authority beyond whatever truth you may find in them. I am mistaken about many things and I value those who have the patience to point them out to me using honest reasoning and facts. Be warned though that fallicious logic, false statements of fact and deceptive rhetoric is not particularly helpful if you wish to convince me of the truth of your position.
  • I infrequently operate a bot which makes changes under the User:MakBot account.

Edits: 13,859
Uploads: 767

  • Includes about 4000 edits that were robotic edits running on my account until I got it working with User:MakBot.

Stats also somewhat misleading because I am pretty bad at catching all my errors on the first edit.

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  1. User:Makthorpe/Temporary Templates
  2. User:Makthorpe/InfoPageDesign
  3. User:Makthorpe/Gradient
  4. Template:RelatedCats
  5. User:Makthorpe/EditTest
  6. User:Makthorpe/EditTest2
  7. User:Makthorpe/EditTest3
  8. User:Makthorpe/gallery xfer1
  9. User:Makthorpe/gallery


  1. POV navigational template
  2. Fifth rewrite of Info Template code. (Makthorpe/InfoPageDesign