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Nickname: MetNL
Real name: Mathijs Strijards
City: Tilburg

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Hi there, I'm MetNL

Dutch cinematographer and photographer. Uploading to Wikimedia since July 31st 2015!

Hallo, ik ben MetNL

Nederlands cinematograaf en fotograaf. Upload sinds 31 Juli 2015 naar Wikimedia!

Bonjour, je suis MetNL

Cinéaste et photographe hollandais, ajout de Wikimedia depuis le 31 Juillet 2015!

Hallo zusammen, ich bin MetNL

Holländische Kameramann und Fotograf, Hochladen auf Wikimedia seit 31. Juli 2015!


MetNL was born in Tilburg on a classified date. Recently going on designated photo trips. Learned how to edit on Gimp he now has a collection of used editors including Lightroom, Blender (software) and Hugin. Cinematography comes first, photography second, editing third and meteorology is one of his many hobbies! Has learned some programming skills over the years, and has created his own website, Has used Linux as primary operating system since at least 2005, switched to Windows 7 in 2015.

My current clients are:

Ya got any questions? Visit my talk page and I will try to answer most of them!


Panorama of thunderstorms


Trip to the Ardenne in Belgium

A pretty view, pain in my muscles and luxury. Our hotel room had the prettiest view, and the surroundings where beautiful!

Hills surrounding the village of Trois-Ponts

On the first day we decided to walk to Coo (Stavelot) to watch the "famous" Coo waterfalls.

That night, the view from our hotel room was stunning! Cute, "diorama like" view and streetlights going uphill!

The environment was very green, and some designated picnic fields were used that week!

Hills of Trois-Ponts

On our way back, we stopped at the train station of Liége (Luik), a very modern train station!


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My signature is MetNL