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This is a list of galleries containing uncategorized images with category suggestions. When you create a category with the same name as the gallery tag it with {{populate category}} (see template for documentation). A bot will automaticly place the uncategorized images in this category. Please remove the categories you created, difficult cases can be moved to User:Multichill/Categories not to create. Useful scripts : Populate-category.js & Category from gallery.js. This list will be updated about once a week.

gallery uncat category suggestion
Ballon d'Alsace 3 Category:Ballon d'Alsace
Depression Glassware 5 Category:Depression Glassware
Farnetella 3 Category:Farnetella
Novi Ligure 3 Category:Novi Ligure
Scipio Slàtaper 4 Category:Scipio Slàtaper
Tsumegumi 10 Category:Tsumegumi