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  • Gallery page from Wikidata: {{subst:Wikidata Gallery|property=Pnnn|qid=Qnnnn}} + set excludes for "part of" after
    • P361 (part of)
    • filter not exists {?item wdt:P31 wd:Q1040689.} (= group of tapestries, use as needed)
    • section = P195 (collection) or P276 (location)
    • sort = label, P1545 (series ordinal, must be statement not qualifier)
  • {{Retouched picture}}
{{Retouched picture|frame cropped|editor=PKM|orig=|}}{{PD-retouched-user|PKM}}
{{Derivative versions|file.ext|file.ext}}
  • {{PKM}}
  • {{W|Page name|Display name|nl}} → Display name
  • If the Flickr image is validly licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0, use the following license tag:
{{Licensed-PD-Art|PD-old-100|rawphotolicense={{cc|Attribution '''NonCommercial''' ShareAlike Generic 2.0|by-nc-sa/2.0/|nowarn=yes|category={{Void}} }} }}
  • {{Creator:François Clouet}}
  • Portrait of... {{Portrait of |1= |or= |determiner= |gender= |plural= |occupation= |dates= }}
  • My citation list
  • PD-copyright format: {{PD-Art-copyright-notice | [[:en:Tate Britain|Tate Britain]] | {{United Kingdom}} | | File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg }} (Copyright holder, country/jurisdiction, link to license, flag)
  • Fries Museum license {{Licensed-PD-Art |1=PD-old-100 |2=cc-by-sa-3.0-nl}}
  • PD-0 license (Rijksmuseum) {{Licensed-PD-Art |1=PD-old-100 |2=cc-0}}
  • National Trust copyright notice {{PD-Art-copyright-notice | [[:en: National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty|National Trust]]|{{United Kingdom}}| |File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg }}
  • {{other date|2half|{{other date|century|16}}}}
  • {{other date|3quarter|{{other date|century|16}}}}
  • {{other date|between|{{other date|century|16}}|{{other date|century|17}}}}
  • Paintings to upload
  • {{For2 |1= |2= }}

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template parameter 1 values: Available options are: "workshop of", "circle of", "school of", "or follower", "or workshop", "and workshop", "attributed to", "after", "formerly attributed to", "follower of", "manner of", "near"., "namepiece, name-piece, name piece", "possibly" and "probably".

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