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Pete Forsyth as photographed by Chris Ellis in 2013
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I am primarily an English language Wikipedian, but this site is very important to the well-being of Wikipedia, and to many other sites -- not all of them under the Wikimedia umbrella. So I try to pitch in, in the following ways:

  • Uploading my own photos and graphics: I don't do as much of this as I'd like, but I'm proud of a few of the things I've created.
  • Fine-tuning existing images: I especially like to reduce moire where possible, and move in-image text into descriptions (for instance, using the {{Legend}} template).
  • Categorization: I use tools like HotCat, Cat-a-lot, and AWB to try to help organize things better here. I am learning to use tools to increase my efficiency.
  • File deletion: I try to participate in review of files for deletion, to help ensure that the files on Commons are in compliance with our licensing standards, and that they are truly useful to the Wikimedia mission.
  • Learning about Commons: I am always trying to think about how this site can work better: make better use of volunteers' time, permit new contributors to get involved productively with a minimum of fuss, reduce the number of high-stress debates, etc.

I keep notes (see below) about some of the interesting things I encounter here.

Please see my profile on English Wikipedia for more info!


My parents, Martha and Dick Forsyth, are both deceased, and I have inherited their intellectual property. As of November 2023 I am beginning to upload some of their photographs under a free license. If there is a good way to me to assert this ownership and licensing decision in a template, I'm open to suggestion.

Images I've contributed


Here are just a few of the images I've uploaded here:

Pix of me


These are some of my favorites. There are others here.



Files needing license review:

Interesting stuff

We don't need no civil war, hey, hey hey....

Category:Inside Wikimedia

A tool to check what pages use an image.

bash scripts for converting and renaming files


Examples for images from "Northern Seaside Resorts" article

for j in 2 1 0
 convert victor1$j.gif v1$j.pbm


for j in 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
 cjb2 -clean v0$j.pbm v0$j.djvu

Stretching limits of TOO?


Useful stuff to investigate