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Help us achieve our goals:

Idea: each year have a "reflection month", where we evaluate our goals, evaluate our progress, set new goals for the coming year, etc. (Feb is generally good for this?)


  1. Support the Wikimedia Foundation project websites by striving to assist editors, in their native languages, in providing, finding and using free content media
  2. Collect and provide free content media for all possible educational* purposes
  3. Manage and evaluate said content by volunteer community
  4. Encourage and communicate the ideas of copyleft and "free content", and highlight the alternatives to the current "All rights reserved" over-copyrighted culture

note 1. "educational" refers to the intention of the media, not any restrictions on use of the media. Any of our media may be used for any purpose, educational or not. But on the other hand, some content will never be appropriate here, regardless of how free the license terms are.

note 2. Being multilingual is not an end in itself - it is a means, the means by which we can provide (and in turn, collect) information to (and from) the largest possible number of people. Ditto using a wiki. It is not an essential characteristic of Wikimedia Commons that it is a wiki. However a wiki is currently the most suitable tool for providing easily accessible, volunteer- and community-created content.


(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time framed)

Goals have social and technical aspects. Some activities may require creativity (=high social), some may not (=high technical, bot-doable).

Support the WMF websites...[edit]

Relationship between Commons and individual WMF projects[edit]

  • Do they use us passively or actively? (Actively=encourage users to upload to Commons)
  • How do they perceive us? approachability of community? How does their image use policy resemble commons:licensing? Have they edited their upload page to encourage and educate about use of Commons? Do they have a CommonsTicker, is it used? How do they feel Commons actions impact on their wiki? What would they like to see at Commons?


  • Analyse and survey WMF projects. (call it "case study") Case studies should be completed by community members in the local project, in the native language, and results summarised in at least English. Recommendations should be made to improve relations and awareness between the projects. Contacts should be made between Commons admins and multilingual local project admins.
    • Analysis:
      • CommonsTicker
      • Image use policy vs COM:L
      • statistics on use of Commons' images vs locally uploaded images, also stats on local uploads, deletions
    • Survey users:
      • Attitudes and perceptions
      • Impact of Commons' actions on their project
      • What would they like to see?
      • Is there anything about their project that they feel Commons does not pay due attention to? What are the most common sources of friction between Commons and this project?

Access: multilingualism and native-language communities[edit]

  • How much of the interface is available in their language? Are they aware of how to change language preferences? How much of the help files are available in their language? How much content is available in their language?
  • Do they have media-active people also active at Commons? Do we have admins who are native speakers of that language?


  • Evaluate language availability of Commons for particular languages. Prioritise languages with large speaker bases and typically monolingual situations (ie... not Hebrew or Esperanto.) Prioritise languages whose WMF projects are growing rapidly.
  • Create better translation management. Make translation priorities clearer. Create more clear way to find out of date translations. (...)
  • Incease n languages by m percent. ...

Awareness - do projects know we exist?[edit]

  • Are projects aware we exist? Do they know how to use Commons content in their project? Do they have advice about Commons *on their project*?


Collect and provide...[edit]

Facilitating collection[edit]

  • Work with Flickr, other archives etc



  • Consider alternative methods of making Commons content available.


Manage and evaluate...[edit]

Media management[edit]


  • Create and implement native media management "workflow" functionality. Similar to patrolled edits perhaps. Images show how many admins have looked over an item and what their assessment was.
  • Also for going through uncategorised content.

Media organisation[edit]


  • Searchable metadata
  • Gallery-display search with greater functionality and relevance

Media evaluation[edit]

Quality and freeness.


  • Native way to flag "possible copyvio"
  • Native CheckUsage
  • Full acceptance of WMF-wide bot removal?(where are we at on this?)
  • Native way to rate content, sort/view by ratings volunteer community[edit]

Build a strong community.


  • Provide formal recognition of volunteer efforts through "official" Awards based on measurable contributions of various kinds. Implement and begin using such a system.
  • Encourage Wikiprojects to form around various interests, and encourage people to join and support them.
  • Create standard "pathways" for people to become trusted contributors with specific and realistic suggestions
  • Elect good admins :)

Communicate copyleft...[edit]

Push reuse, push recognition[edit]

Simply introducing our content to people is often the occasion for their first encounter with the idea of "free content". I believe reuse is a valid affirmation of the copyleft model. Someone has found the work useful and reused it. They are aware of the idea now.

  • Get WMF to release press releases when countries threaten to introduce more restrictive copyrights?


  • Hold an annual Commons Picture of the Year competition, and publicise it
  • Create products such as calendars and desktop wallpapers that use Commons material.
  • Create Commons:Reusing our content